The Midnight Snack – Thursday

Matt Harvey was on Andy Cohen’s gabfest this evening, apparently. I’m not going to discuss it because:

a) I don’t want to talk about Matt Harvey,
2) I don’t want to think about Matt Harvey, and
.) from what I’m seeing on Twitter and tumblr, we don’t need to talk about Matt Harvey’s interview.


Anyway, I just got home not too long ago from a much needed evening of laughter. I watched Rifftrax skewer the best worst movie ever made, “The Room.”

The movie featured inexplicable scenes of people in tuxedos playing lousy games of catch with a football, and it made me think, “What movies have featured baseball that aren’t actually baseball movies?”

FerrisOf course, my immediate thought is “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. The scene where Ferris and Cameron are at the Cubs game is classic, but Ferris also utilizes a baseball and glove to perpetuate his day off scam.

Is there nothing baseball can’t do? I guess not. (Except maybe give us more Alan Ruck? Cameron for life, yo.)

There’s also a baseball scene in the ridiculous cinematic pile of poo that is “Twilight”.

I’m sad that such a great song like “Supermassive Black Hole” is used in such a terrible movie.

I know there are others, but what do you guys think are noteworthy baseball scenes in non-baseball films? Share in the comments below. Or be like Lefty and myself and troll the crap out of bad movies. I won’t mind.

26 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Thursday

  1. Life, of course, is a favorite of mine. The guys help Can’t Get Right get out of prison by teaching him to play ball and a scout arranges it. And, the ending is a Yankees game, so lots of baseball in the background there.

    Also, one of my favorite episodes (of my limited viewing) of Malcolm in the Middle was the one about the mom’s birthday. She was so mad about how the family acted she took it out at the batting cages. The boys were like: why isn’t mom teaching us to hit & dad says: there is more to hitting than making contact with the ball (or something like that). It cracked me up. You know how some things like that just stay with you?


  2. How about the scene in “The Untouchables” where Al Capone (De Niro) demonstrates his batting skills using rather unconventional practice balls?

    Actually I kind of hope that one doesn’t count.


  3. Not a film exactly, but if you are fan of The Walking Dead (and haven’t read the comic)…you’ve got this delightful gentleman to look forward to.


    • Where was Lucille in 1991 when I single handedly saved the gays in Tehran when we invaded Grenada while Air Force One flew me to Panama to crank Dark side of the moon to get pineapple face out of that church that one time?What about when I had negotiated the teardown of the Berlin wall?

      Or that time in when I was stationed at Gitmo and I had all the awkward naked male homoerotic pictures to prove all them Muslim terrorist are gay and I am a top and their is no doubt that they are disgusting bottoms and I have no idea why I admit that.

      Does anyone else remember when I went to the moon in 69? Also your team sucks and old gator is a Fuck…


      @OG. You know whom I’m talking about. If I spelled every word wrong and did zero punctuation with an assortment of ” cn onli hav six inchz or you can havz a foot or a poodle,,??#! WhAT Is you’re heightened types !? Mets are harvey and the wizrd 2../+” and also ” so $lmkip you is an(idiot I told you much more important things that they will never mind then again I’m not going anywhere near the first place for you to know what I am not sure yet another day off season tickets for me and fix you) MeTS dick nous aslikr gay. I did likz how you red sux sux”

      Funny thing is that everything in between the (…) was totally word prediction on my kindle. Even funnier is that word salad was more insightful than anything that Fred ever wrote that made me rage quit TSFKAHBT because he was getting upvotes.

      Sorry…rambling because I am trying to have good thoughts and trying to be upbeat. I’m gonna just post to keep an even keel because I am scared shitless and need a release. Cheers


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