Astros Add Doug Fister

The Astros have announced the addition of Doug Fister on a one year deal worth up to 12 million dollars.  Fister is expected to slot into the rotation after spending some time in the bullpen last year.

It’s easy to see the appeal for an Astros club that has plenty of rotation options, but still carried some uncertainty. Fister will presumably slot in toward the back of a staff fronted by Dallas Keuchel and Collin McHugh. It’s not exactly clear how things will line up otherwise, but the depth looks solid. Youngster Lance McCullers Jr. showed so much promise last year that it’s hard not to imagine him in the rotation. Scott Feldman is still facing some injury uncertainty after he was shut down late last year, though he says he’s healthy. And Mike Fiers had good results upon joining Houston, including a no-hitter, though he also could feature as a high-end swingman.

Fister, who’ll soon turn 32, is a classic bounceback candidate. After several strong years in Detroit, he put up a stellar 2.41 ERA over 164 frames in 2014, his first season with the Nationals. But things took a turn south last year, as he dealt with injury issues and lost his rotation spot after he was tagged for a 4.60 ERA and .302/.341/.471 batting line in 15 starts.

Fister dealt with some injuries last season that contributed to his decline, and seems primed for a bounce back year.

18 thoughts on “Astros Add Doug Fister

  1. All of the Tigers’ troubles started with the Fister trade. I was kind of hoping they’d bring him back to undo the bad juju of giving him away for a bag of balls. Also, we could still use some pitching help and maybe give him a boost too. I’m a little jealous of the Astros. Still miss you, Dog.


  2. A pretty straightforward move. Feldman is coming off of a season where he had surgery and Fiers has yet to find just terrific consistency. Gallardo was going to be something like 4/80 M$ and would also cost a draft choice.

    The Astros still have a lot of faith in the farm system – even after raiding it pretty hard for Gomez, Kazmir, Fiers and Giles. They figure Feliz and Martes will balance out the order in a year or two and they can get a first baseman from among Singleton, Reed and White.

    They are also getting a bit concerned about what arbitration with all of those talented young players will cost in a couple of years, so they are hedging on big additions.

    I hope they are right on this rather fine plan. Sometimes a big, sloppy deal that brings in some top talent is just smart. Making the playoffs pays for a lot of sins.


  3. On Fister, I’m not as sure as MLBTR that he’s a prime bounceback candidate. Some of his peripherals were actually worse in the second half of the season. The price is still right, starting at just $7M, but, were I the Astros, I wouldn’t expect a lot from him.


      • Per the HouChron, the Astros did a serious due diligence physical and pronounced him ready to go. But I am aware that the velocity and other peripherals were not so great in 2015, even at the end of the year when he was supposedly healed.

        We’ll see. At least they vision him for an alternative at the #5 spot, not a #3 or anything. And if he bounces back even close to 2014, what a deal!


        • Oh, I think he’s a good low risk – high upside play. If teams were really confident in him, I bet someone would have been willing to go multiple years….or to add a decent team option with a buy out or something….of course, it is possible that Fister wouldn’t go for that and would rather be a FA if he has a healthy year.

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    • That’s unexpected. Looks like Kendrick and Fowler are going to be this year’s posterchildren for getting fucked over by those compensation picks hanging around their necks.

      But it gives me 4 correct picks, clearing up that messy tiebreaker situation and putting me in an undisputed position atop the leaderboard.


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