Blue Jay Beat – 40th Season Edition

As the most vocal of the Blue Jay fans that inhabit this little corner of the interwebz, I am offering the first edition of what I hope will be a semi-regular reporting of the goings on of Canada’s Baseball Team™.  Expect lots of bat-flipping, parrot-walking, outfield-wall-climbing, rain-bringing shenanigans, tempered by a splash of maple syrup (which, incidentally, is the name of my barbershop quartet.)

From Chris Creamer over at, here is a sneak peek at the patch that the Blue Jays players will be sporting on their jersey sleeve during the 2016 season.

jays 40th Anniversary logo

The Jays joined the American League for the 1977 season, along with the Seattle Mariners.  Oddly, there is nothing from the M’s regarding their 40th season, so I’d expect they will either wait until 50, or they will do some sort of 1977-2017 thing next year, celebrating 40 years in their 41st season.  Yes, for the record, I also shook my head at all the hype about celebrating the beginning of the new millennium on New Years Day in 2000, when it technically didn’t start until 2001.

Anyway, the kid with the million dollar smile, Marcus Stroman, showed up on the MLB Network to show off the new patch to everyone’s favourite former baseball announcer, Harold Reynolds.


Here’s a closer look at the patch, which is big enough to cover almost the entire sleeve.


For comparison, here is a retrospective glimpse of the Jays’ previous milestone patches, for their 10th, 20th, 25th and 30th seasons:


40th freakin’ season already!  I turned 15 in May of their inaugural season, and immediately shifted my loyalties from the Red Sox (hey, damn near every Maritimer was a Boston fan in the pre-Jays era, and many still are).

By contrast, my daughter will turn 15 at the end of this coming season.

I feel old…


19 thoughts on “Blue Jay Beat – 40th Season Edition

      1. ” Expect lots of bat-flipping, parrot-walking, outfield-wall-climbing, rain-bringing shenanigans, tempered by a splash of maple syrup”….. Long fucking name for a quartet isn’t it? Ha

        Why isn’t proudly here too?

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        1. I dunno.. Cur showed up to comment on Historio’s article but PC seems to be loyal to Craig and HBT (for some unfathomable reason). We need to get him over here where the mouth-breathers from PFT can’t find him.

          And we tried shortening the quartet name to ELOBFPWOWCRBSTBASOMS, but that wasn’t any better, so we just went with Maple Syrup. 🙂

          BTW, here is a short clip of us singing the US and Canadian anthems at a… wait for it… roller derby match.

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        2. My kindle can’t play this but I admire the effort. There is a great reason I play guitar! I’m the guy with a microphone ONLY doing ooooohs and aaaaaahs but ONLY if they are in my half octave wheelhouse. Haha

          Good luck this year. Season tickets get you the pennant…just sayin😉


        3. I need Indaburg, now that she has an inside contact in the Jays’ organization, to get us a gig singing the anthems at a game in Rogers Centre.

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  1. My granddaughter will turn 15 in the middle of this coming season, and she recently dyed her hair blue (BLUE !!!). Allow yourself to feel young while you have the chance.


    1. My daughter didn’t dye all her hair, but recently went to her hairdresser and got two coloured streaks put in it — purple and teal. When those fade she plans on a royal blue streak. I must admit, it looks pretty cool… maybe I’m not as old as I think.


        1. My granddaughter just turned nine and on Christmas day she told me that men mature at 49 ” because that’s when they know everything they need to know because they’re old.” So I asked the obvious question( When do women mature?) ” 18 ” Women can have babies at thirteen,so they are taking care of little boys….maybe forever if they have a disease….So 18.”

          That’s my kinda logic when I am being absurd, she meant it and it DOES make sense. My daughter was a candy girl, all kinds of candy looking beads on arms, ankles and neck, also pretty much whatever Steven Tyler donated to Goodwill. She grew out of it.


  2. Nbjays, Today I met someone in the Jays organization. I work in Dunedin, so we’re close to their spring training HQ. I can’t give away anything because patient confidentiality, but it was sooooooo freaking cool! We had a great conversation until his girlfriend started giving me the evil eye. I asked him for tips on prospects for my dynasty league (I am not divulging that info) and what happened to AA, and I teased him about the Jays giving away more for Price than the Tigers did. He said the Rays didn’t make out too badly. I said, “Yeah, we have the market cornered in shortstops. Wil Adames is like 19 and years away.” He said, “Wow, not many women know Adames.” (That’s when I got the evil eye.) “He’s a really good young prospect. I’ve seen him. Great commodity.” He is concerned about the Jays minor league system, but this is no news. The system is largely depleted. He also thinks Estrada is due for regression. I think if I had 10 more minutes with him, I could have had a job. I told him I was fluent in Spanish, I can start IVs and administer meds, and I know baseball lol.

    I love the patch! Sorry, I’m still so excited.

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