Welcome to Fan-Interference.com!

The results are in and we have a winner!  It was a close race, but Fan Interference pulled away at the last moment!  Thank you everyone for your participation in helping us pick our name!  It’s very exciting stuff indeed!  There are T-Shirts to print and Mugs to make!  Next up on our agenda is working on our writer bios.  I’ll throw up a post with some details on that later, but writers, start thinking about what you want people to know about you.  For everyone else, if the site hasn’t changed over yet, give it 72 hours or so to process through the interwebs.  Welcome to our new home!

48 thoughts on “Welcome to Fan-Interference.com!

  1. The site is totally different. It’s nothing like it was before the redesign. The comments aren’t loading correcting. They’re showing up under different threads, and I keep having to log back in because…

    Oh, wait. I was having a flashback. It’s fine. Phew. Everything’s okay. I like it! 🙂

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  2. Semi-random comment. Did you change something to the commenting scouts? They now nest 4 deep whereas I thought it was only 3 (or maybe i can’t count).


    • I know, I’m usually so cognizant of everything. BTW we’re waiting to hear about managing a bed and breakfast. That will be awesome if we get it, but I have my doubts as a pessimistic as hell lately. I will keep in touch.

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  3. I vanish for a couple days and suddenly there’s a whole new site name pulled out of the æther? Why was there no discussion about this new name? Surely there should have been some kind of vote or something…

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