Yu Darvish Cleared Of Involvement In Gambling Ring

In a rather swift development, we have word that Yu Darvish has been cleared of involvement in the gambling ring run by his brother in Japan.  MLB authorities seem to be relying exclusively on the investigation by Japanese officials, who had been investigating Darvish’s brother for over a year and never once had any connection to Yu.  MLB is still working on investigations of Yasiel Puig, Aroldis Chapman, and Jose Reyes.

According to The Japan Times, which first reported the story, Sho Darvish allegedly took in about 1,850 wagers at about 10,000 yen ($85 in U.S. currency) on games in MLB and Nippon Professional Baseball. There is no indication Sho Darvish took bets on Rangers games.

MLB consistently investigates suggestions of anyone in the game involved with gambling. In the last two years, Pittsburgh pitcher Jeff Locke was cleared after allegations surfaced, and Miami pitcher Jarred Cosart was fined for placing illegal bets on sports other than baseball.

The anti-gambling Rule 21 is prominently posted in every major league clubhouse. The rule can be interpreted as consorting with gamblers and passing along information. Commissioner Bowie Kuhn suspended Hall of Famers Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays in 1983 after they took jobs with casinos in Atlantic City. N.J. Commissioner Peter Ueberroth lifted the suspension in 1985.

3 thoughts on “Yu Darvish Cleared Of Involvement In Gambling Ring

  1. Glad to see it. Darvish is a very good pitcher. I can rise above the petty desire to see the Astros helped by hurt to the Rangers. A temptation, but I am glad to see Darvish back.

    Now if the MLB could only investigate on any kind of timetable. Wouldn’t that be nice?


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