Update: Prosecutors Decline to Charge Chapman

Shortly after The New York Yankees cashed in on reports of a domestic violence claim against Aroldis Chapman, Broward County Assistant State Attorney Stefanie Newman wrote in a memo Wednesday that due to conflicting accounts and insufficient evidence that a conviction was unlikely so charges against Chapman would not be pursued.  Davie, Florida police had previously closed the case on the incident that occurred on October 30th. for similar reasons.  MLB claims to be investigating and has the ability to discipline Chapman regardless of legal charges under it’s new domestic violence policy.  Do not hold your breath for this to occur anytime soon as MLB is still investigating the Cardinals for hacking, are still investigating separate cases involving Yasiel Puig and Jose Reyes,  and just begun investigations into Yu Darvish’s possible connections to his bother’s gambling ring.

Chapman is expected to be suspended for the start of the season under MLB’s new domestic violence policy, which was implemented toward the end of last year. But Joe Girardi already has named him the Yankees’ closer for 2016 — bumping Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances into setup roles — amid a public outcry from New York politicians and women’s advocacy groups.

“I understand it’s a very sensitive subject, as rightfully it should be,” Steinbrenner said. “But we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Very touching sentiments Mr.Steinbrenner.

ScoutsUpdate 1/22/2016

Deadspin has the full memo



Good Police work there.

Prosecutors only “became aware of the incident after receiving several inquiries from various media sources in early December 2015,” according to the memo. It was presented to them for review on Dec. 9, two days after the story broke.

23 thoughts on “Update: Prosecutors Decline to Charge Chapman

      1. Just don’t shorten that to “Goody got it”, or you’ll probably get sued by a defunct record store*.

        *a record store was a place you could buy records** before the internet happened.

        **records were like thin crust pizzas, but instead of being food, they had music on them.

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        1. Yep, Goody. I remember when the Tower store in Dallas closed, as CDs then got undercut by something called “streaming.”

          That said, hipsters are buying records again for the album cover art, and geeks who really believe everything about vacuum tube amps without being skeptical are buying records because Discwasher rulz or something.


      2. Now that vinyl records are considered antiques and all are out of stock they are collector’s items. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of this stuff sell for large prices on e-bay one day.


  1. The only good thing about this is that the prosecutor’s statement is full of police-shaming re: their failure to do their jobs resulting in an inability to support prosecution.

    “Additionally no other witnesses were identified. Although the police reports and witnesses spoken to all indicated that at the time of this incident, there were approximately 20 people at the home, the three witnesses did not know full names, addresses or identifiable information for any of the individuals, other than to refer to them as friends of Aroldis or nicknames. Police patted down all of the individuals for weapons; however, they neglected to take any names or information from the partygoers before allowing them to leave. Therefore, this ASA is precluded from obtaining any additional accounts of the incident other than those specified above.”***

    If only the cops would feel shame and improve their performance next time…

    ***As a bonus, I’d like to add that I fucking hate Windows 10 and Microsoft and it took me a half hour to put that effing quote in, and I just effing typed it over in the end because cutting and pasting was effing impossible and that’s bullshit.

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    1. Buy a Mac? Buy a Win 7 used? I have both, thank doorknobs, and plan to stay with both. Yeah, some security types talk about unsupported old Windoze versions, but at the same time, old OS are less likely to be viral targets.


        1. I should have said at least the DA’s office didn’t let him off because of his celebrity status.

          The cops in this case were completely useless.


      1. More or less what happened in the Jameis Winston case, although there the cops pretty much ran the Four Corners offense to run out the clock. Still didn’t stop the cretins from claiming that Willie Meggs “declared Winston’s innocence” when he actually excoriated the cops for not doing their damn jobs.


      2. Per Kevin, there’s actually two versions of the Four Corners offense. One is pre-shot clock North Carolina. The other is in the Four Corners, on the Big Rez. Navajos hoist the three-ball so much the Golden State Warriors look like pikers.


      1. The upgrade conveniently set some new software for my defaults (MS products) and whatever the eff prevents me from copying and pasting that is a downgrade, imo.

        Chapman is lucky he didn’t hurt himself shooting off his gun in his garage. He’s a danger to himself, and it’s a little shocking the cops weren’t worried about that too. They just shrugged it off as drama (DV). Jackasses.


      2. How did you try copy/pasting that? I use Chrome on Win 10 and it works fine. Edge is pretty sleek and fast but is barely functional. It’s perfect for early 90’s static websites with no media or dynamic content.


      3. Well, since Francisco asked nicely for me to display my ineptitude…

        I tried just copying the text from the pdf in my Chome window, but the text wouldn’t select, so then I tried downloading the file first. When I opened it, it came up in Edge and that didn’t work, so I tried MS’s pdf reader, which made me finally realize some of my default programs were different and I hadn’t noticed. I use Adobe at work, so I’m more handy with that. I downloaded Adobe Reader then, but it’s the latest version, which, of course, I do not have at work — so I fumbled a little with trying to find the tools and could not successfully copy the text. At which point I had wasted about a half hour and said forget this and retyped the 3 damn lines. So, yeah, I feel like a moran and have no idea why I failed at something I do on a daily basis without issue. :/


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