Time To Play Name That Site! Final Round!

So the last round of voting is closed, and we have narrowed the site name down to two possible choices.  Fan Interference or Meeting On The Mound.  Both of which I love, so I’m having a really hard time picking between the two of them.  So let’s give it one more round with only the last two answers and see how things turn out from there.  I will cast any tie-breaking votes, but I’m hopeful one takes a big lead over the other.  There are a something worth pointing out.  http://www.faninterference.com is technically for sale, however it looks like someone bought it and is asking for a ridiculous $18,000.00 for the name outright.  Obviously that’s not going to happen.  Last time I checked, I only checked to see if it was in use, which it isn’t.  Only when you go to actually purchase the domain does it show that it’s technically parked by someone.  So that’s a bit disappointing.  So if Fan Interference does win, it’ll end up being something like http://www.fan-interference.com, or http://www.faninterference.net.  Feel free to weigh in on that in the comment section.

Either way, poll will last for one week, and will remain pinned to the top of the site.  Only one vote per customer, and there’s no changing your vote this time around, so vote carefully.  Thank you all for participating in the last round, hopefully this time next week we will have our official name!

87 thoughts on “Time To Play Name That Site! Final Round!

  1. So, there’s interference in taking Fan Interference? Or, a dash will have to interfere in our name if we choose Fan Interference? Are we annoyed by that dash interference?


    1. I’m not bothered by the dash, if anything it will make it easier to read and type. The Batman news site has a dash and they have zero issues getting site traffic, then again, it IS Batman…


  2. Extraneous symbols will not help with traffic. Are Rosin D’être and Fan Interference getting the same strike zone here?


    1. I don’t understand these objections. What are the chances people are going to do a search for the names particularly and not find us?


      1. I don’t need news about movies inexplicably drained of all color and fun and especially one that requires you to believe in the premise that Superman is a stupid gullible asshole.

        Personally, I would rather cheer for the orphaned war refugee whose planet was destroyed than the brooding psychotic billionaire, but I’m really going to have that option. And the color palette is so dreary. Didn’t they learn their lesson from the last one?

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      2. Yeah, but when I’m forced to look at Trump, I see him in the unnatural orange hues that he favors. His hate rallies aren’t inexplicably shot through a dreary grey or blue filter like these Snyder movies.


  3. Does Fan Interference clearly indicate that this is a baseball site? Couldn’t it relate to any sport. I’d say there is a cloud over it’s eligibility to occupy the position of site name.

    Sarah Palin endorses Meeting on the mound, but she isn’t available to participate in today’s comments. Sarah Palin is from Alaska and I like Alaska so I’m voting for meeting on the mound.


    1. But you establishment elites don’t care what I think because I was the only one who voted for swing away chat.

      /gazes proudly at confederate flag on the wall

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      1. She already stood him up! Palin upholding a long standing personal policy of treating the gullible fools who follow her like absolute garbage whenever possible.


      1. Ok, so now fan interference is in the lead, but I say a greater than expected turnout by the midnite demographic carries the day. Polls showed meeting on the mound to be the top second choice of swing away chat supporters.


    2. My two favorites headlines ” STUPID former politician turned reality star endorses STUPID former reality star turned politician” and ” Dumpster fire endorses tire fire” Ymmv!

      I like Meeting on the mound because it’s baseball centric and fuck that 18,000 grand shit.

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      1. Edit; grand was redundant, sorry. Do you know what else is scary? Para Sailing is now considered a king maker in the tea party..can you imagine that?
        In almost eight fucking years, the Gop learned nada. She must have gotten a nice “loan” to her grifter superpac from Trump that Cruz couldn’t match for that endorsement, her last one for Cruz got that fuck elected to the Senate in the first place! Sorry..BAD day on a bad week that is turning out to be the shittiest January in my 50+ years of life.

        Anyway. Vote for anyone who isn’t republican or makes religious beliefs control their lives or positions. Meeting on the mound is a perfectly cromulent
        phrase that only makes me feel that summer is here now and forever, no matter the season. My 2¢

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      1. I just took a look and it does look pretty good except for all they appear to talk about is baseball.



  4. Palin and Trump are peas in a pod (or piss in a pot – where is Old Gator when you need alliterative assistance?). Both are not Republicans – they are insurgents into the party. Both appeal to the anti-government type who considers all politicians corrupt crooks.


    1. That’s the problem, there no longer exists an intellectually coherent, principled party advocating the merits of relatively smaller government to inhibit the idiocies of unbridled liberalism. The republican party has become the reactionary party, but I could be persuaded to consider the arguments of the party of Lincoln should it ever come into existence. However persuading me would not be an easy task as I remembered the egalitarian love of the fantastically skilled liar Roosevelt, the corrupt from head to toe Texas politician Johnson, the fantastically skilled liar Clinton and the skinny black guy with big ears.

      BTW I done got me some of that dat dere Obama Care at about one third of what I feared the premiums would turn out to be and will be back on my blood pressure meds for the first time in 6 months on 2/1.

      Thank you Obama. Really, thank you President Obama.


      1. No. I really do feel like my boys going to be doing some raking these coming warm months and if not you can count on me to do some explaining creating.

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      2. Certainly Sano will do some raking. I hope that makes you content.
        May your BP remain in fair territory. (Part of the old Irish blessing, “may the road rise up” etc.)


  5. Scout, are you aware that alternative (and meaningful) domain name suffixes are now available, meaning we’re not restricted to the old ‘.com’/’.net’/’.org’ structure? Consulting my old friend, Wikipedia, I saw a few that might be suitable and could help the ‘roll off the tongue’ aspect of a good site name. Although there is a ‘.hockey’ listed, sadly there is no equivalent for baseball. There is also a ‘.fans’ but it may not have IDN support (important). And, there’s even a ‘.ren’, but that is China-restricted (sorry Ren…).

    However, ‘.life’ is active (MeetingontheMound.life?) and so is ‘.rocks’ (FanInterference.rocks has a ring to it, no?). My personal favourite, though, is ‘.cafe’ – that works with either site name, and pretty much fits what happens around here, namely a bunch of folks chewing the fat over a cup of something or an adult beverage or two (with cake or pie as preferred).

    (see ICANN-era generic top-level domains and others down the page)

    Just one of many domain name providers (this one has .cafe)

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    1. FanInterference.rocks is quite nice indeed.

      Or…because I can’t stop tossing out new ideas too…







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        1. Oh, that sucks.

          Probably need to make it singular then…maybe Cardinalsbaseball.sucks (also makes it clear we aren’t referring to the football team or Louisville)


      1. I actually prefer fan-interference.com. Will there be another vote to decide .net or .com? Faninterence.net sounds like someone yelling at Wimbledon. “Suck it, Djokovic!”

        I’m partial to .com websites. Sorry, .ca. I know instantly it’s an imitator who spells ‘defense’ wrong and uses celsius for ambient temperature.

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        1. I also prefer .com or .net to .some-other-country-code.

          But in the very near future, there will be shittons of .thisword or .thatword websites, and I like the potential for creativity those offer. Don’t shun the future, embrace it warmly…for it is coming regardless.

          If it was an option right now, I’d be 10,000% in favor of BigLeague.chew

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        2. The internet of the future is going to be interesting. Who knows how we’ll access it?

          I’m going to have fun pretending I don’t know how to use it and asking my kids for help. Where’s the DOS prompt? When I was a kid, all we had was a goddamned c:> prompt and you had to type a command. I bet you don’t even know what telnet is, do you, punk? When I was young, you had to know the exact IP address of every website you wanted to visit and heaven help you if a website had picture. You would wait days for that image to load. ASCII…”I think mom’s off her meds again…”

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      2. OK, ‘Burgie… we get the picture. We’ll get off your virtual lawn now.

        “Who was that crabby old lady?”
        “Just some senile old bat who lives in Tampa and claims to remember when they had a good baseball team.”



      3. lol, nah. I embrace technology. It’ll be fun to mess with my young’uns when they’re older. It’s going to be funny when they try to pull stuff on me and don’t realize that mom is pretty savvy with the old ‘puter.

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      4. @ Indaburg- the proper question is whether you are using a oral or rectal thermometer, because if the taste sucks I give zero fucks for the measurement! 😯


  6. Oh my God it’s a tie! Now were going to have to do a recount which could go on for weeks. Please keep the lawyers on a leash this time!


      1. As long as we are getting silly, how about Fansforafencedinmound.com ?

        That way Chapman won’t shoot the Pinkhats at a Yankees Sox tilt in front of witnesses?


  7. How about we start from scratch? We still have another month till catchers and pitchers report, but we are severely lacking in posts. I’m kidding of course but at least post something more often than lately. My life is becoming a modern day retelling of the book of Job and now I need you guys to make me laugh. Get to work you magnificent bastards..I need a laugh. Cheers


      1. He probably is. It’s how they procreate. The horror of it is that this intermingling of the Twins ethnicity and the White Sox ethnicity will probably result in the progeny being of the basketball fan ethnicity.


  8. Hi All!

    I’m back. Perhaps, none of you ever knew me to start with. I was very active over at HBT(RIP), and was initially very active here. Then, I stopped. The problem, leukemia.

    Mom was diagnosed with it in September. A 12 month time to live turned in to a 3-6 month time to live, turned in to hospice care talking to me about how she should die, and all this happened in about a month.

    Well, dammit, Mom’s still kickin’! And she has legs that Albert Pujol’s could only dream of (no seriously, I call her a lumberjack because of all the swelling).

    So….I’m back. I will be as active as possible. Mom’s a lot tougher than I ever though she was.

    Although, on a funny baseball note, a story I thought of telling at her funeral, and still might one day: I was responsible for my own laundry from about 13 years old on(because mom never did it right 🙂 ). I was 13 years old, and my uniform was still kind of wet, because I washed it after school and immediately caught a ride with mom to the game. Well, guess who was stuck catching that day, and forgot his cup? Mom tells the story like everybody she passed was honking at her because she was holding a wet jock strap out the window, trying her best to dry it, but I know my mom. Only about half the people she passed honked at her holding a wet jock strap out the window, and she probably honked back.

    I have no idea what this vote is about. Hi all again, and I hope to be as active as I was at HBT(RIP).

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    1. Hey Hitt… welcome (back) to the asylum. The vote is for a website name, mainly because scoutsaysweitersisabust.wordpress.com is rather unwieldy, to say the least. Currently, FanInterference has a 2 vote lead over MeetingOnTheMound, so jump in and express your preference.

      Sorry to hear about your mom, but it sounds like she’s not quite ready to go just yet.


      1. Her dad, my grandpa, broke his femur, and liked to say “Still can’t kick” when called on the phone. “Mom, how you doing”? “Still can kick” is what I’m most likely to hear.

        Faninterferance is far superior. I know see are voting on “faninterference”, but no one without a grammar degree (Sorry OG, you’ll get used to it) has ever spelled “interference” correctly. Let that asshole (probably Craig Calcaterrible) keep ence.com, and we’ll take ance.com

        Seriously though, .net and a dash in the url is a sure way to make sure you never get a popular website, or to make the .com and no dash more valuable. When this site gets bought out by NBCSports, it’ll really piss me off that the URL owner of Faninterference.com just struck gold.

        So…The other one. Whoo!


    2. Several of the crew here have been in the same boat of late, hitt, so there’s understanding aplenty (sadly). I am glad to know we didn’t just cause you to lose interest or you couldn’t take the pieholes anymore.


    3. Hey, pal. Welcome back. I was thinking about you and thought maybe we scared you off.

      If you need people to talk to, we’re here for you. And if you need some dumb stuff to laugh at, we’re here for that, too. 🙂

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    4. I was just thinking about you the other day. I was wondering if we pissed you off or something. Sheesh, I wish the reason for your absence was simply we had just pissed you off instead of this. It sounds like your mom is as a pistol, a gal after my own heart. Glad to have you back.


  9. Rd syprtpryp5tprry p 4rprp4y p rptrrppjrrpr to On Jan 20, 2016 1:31 PM, “Hardball Conversations” wrote:

    > scoutsaysweitersisabust posted: “So the last round of voting is closed, > and we have narrowed the site name down to two possible choices. Fan > Interference or Meeting On The Mound. Both of which I love, so I’m having > a really hard time picking between the two of them. So let’s give it o” >


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