MLB Investigating Yu Darvish’s Possible Connection To Gambling Ring

Sporting News has a report up stating that Yu Darvish is currently under investigation for his possible role in an illegal gambling ring that was run by his brother Sho Darvish.  Sho was arrested in October by Japanese for taking $150,000 worth of bets.  The bets included 16 MLB and 28 Japanese professional baseball games.  It’s unknown if any of those games included the Texas Rangers.  Yu missed the entire 2015 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.

“We are aware of this situation and are looking into it, per our standard protocols,” MLB’s vice president for communications Michael Teevan told The Japan Times.

Thanks to ProfessorMaddog31 for the tip. If the investigations of Jose Reyes or Aroldis Chapman are any guide, we should see a resolution sometime after Darvish retires.


8 thoughts on “MLB Investigating Yu Darvish’s Possible Connection To Gambling Ring

  1. Oh, shite. This is just a bit more than the Korean players visiting a casino. If true? Well, even on the IR, Darvish was still an active MLB player. If true, if fully true, this is Pete Rose territory, if Darvish himself placed money, not just offered information, or even was given money in exchange for his information.


  2. I wonder if Jon Daniels figures his luck is ever going to turn around. Get ’em all healthy, now your star pitcher may or may not have gambled.

    Really not gloating. I actually feel a bit sorry for the guy.


  3. I hope Darvish turns out top be blameless and is allowed to publicly call his brother a stupid git. I know – it’s just a ballplayer, don’t project more into the relationship. But watching this guy shut down the Angels again and again I can’t help but admire his talent, and talent should not be wasted.

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  4. His parents have a pretty good sense of humor.
    Mom “What shall we call our son, husband?”
    Dad ” Wang.”
    Mom “You sho?”


  5. I don’t expect much to come of this. His brother has been in police custody since October and they have yet to connect Yu to any sort of gambling but it’s entirely possible he passed along inside information without being aware of its usage.


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