Cool Link: Arbitration Tracker and yay, Dallas Keuchel

Kid Needs-a-Better-Nickname

MLB Trade Rumors has been doing this for years, but in case you’re not familiar with it, they have an Arbitration Tracking Tool. It’s great for um, keeping tracking of arbitration cases. See, just like it says in the name: Arbitration Tracker. It’s intuitive and easy to use.

So, if you woke up with a pressing need of knowing how much Adeiny Hechavarria received in arbitration, you can rest easy: $2.625 million. It even has a nice little filter that lets you search by Super 2, which isn’t nearly as cool as it sounds.

Dallas Keuchel, by the way, broke the record for amount received in arbitration by first time* arbitration eligible SPs with a $7.25 million deal for 2016, a record previous held by David Price and Dontrelle Willis at $4.35 million (Price went through arbitration 4 times as a Super 2, so the comparison is a little wonky). Kid Keuchy got himself paid! Maybe with that money, he can buy himself a better nickname. Of course, that is still a pittance compared to what he will get someday if his current performance levels continues, but still, a salary none of us will likely ever see, not that I begrudge him. Okay, maybe just a little. Keuchel will again be arbitration eligible in 2017 and 2018.

I must digress. It wouldn’t be a post of mine without a digression. Look, shiny object…

Ok, I’m back. One reason Baseball-Reference > Fangraphs. Fangraphs does not have player nicknames or Twitter accounts in the player bios. You can argue the finer appoints of bWAR or fWAR until you are blue (really gentlemen, keep arguing, it’s entertaining), but there is no denying the importance of knowing their nicknames or where we can troll them. Baseball-Reference recognizes this.

Edit: Kevin S. pointed out that I neglected to make it clear that Keuchel’s record was first time arbitration eligible SPs.

11 thoughts on “Cool Link: Arbitration Tracker and yay, Dallas Keuchel

  1. Strasburg upped the ante with this
    From Rotoworld
    Nationals and RHP Stephen Strasburg avoided arbitration by agreeing to a one-year, $10.4 million contract.

    It’s currently the largest deal for an arbitration-eligible player. Strasburg earned the raise after putting up a 3.46 ERA and 155/26 K/BB ratio across 127 1/3 innings in 2015. He’ll be pitching in his walk year in 2016. Jan 15 – 3:00 PM


    1. No he didn’t. Stras is in his final year of arbitration, Keuchel is in his first. Plenty of guys have got more than Stras did in their 3rd year of arbitration. Heck Trevor Rosenthal is going to easily beat that, he just got $5.6M in his first year and he’s a freak reliever.


  2. The Orioles and Royals are both fucking crazy.

    $23M/year for 7 yrs for a 30 yr old that has had 2 good seasons so far? Wow. There is a chance he’ll be good forever more…but, you know, not a great chance.

    $70M over 5 years and giving away a 1st round pick to sign freaking Ian Kennedy. A fly ball pitcher that is homer prone. In a vacuum, I don’t think the deal is so bad….but KC operates on a limited budget. Then again, having someone to soak up innings and raising the floor on your season is important…of course, they had a good many solid pitching prospects they traded away for Cuieto and Zobrist….I guess this is the price for “going for it”…at least they got it.


      1. Just a truth-speaker. Arrieta’s figure is $13M and the Cubs’ is $7.5M. Even if it goes to arbitration and even if the judge sides with the Cubs, Jake will still beat the number Keuchy just got.


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