Chris Davis Re-signs with Orioles

Chris “Crush” Davis
has agreed to terms with the Baltimore Orioles. Per ESPN and other reports, terms are 7 years, $161 million. The power hitting left handed batter had a monster year in 2013, and a comeback year in 2015.

This exchange made me laugh.

Showalter said the following to Davis.”How much is enough?” Showalter said Wednesday during a leadership conference, according to the Baltimore Sun. “I asked Chris during the season, ‘Chris, when you walk into a Target store, can you buy anything you want? So, how much is enough?’

I don’t know about Chris Davis, but I walk into a Target for a $5 dollar bottle of shampoo and leave with $150 of crap. What just happened? It’s never enough, Buck. It’s never enough.

29 thoughts on “Chris Davis Re-signs with Orioles

    • My hairdresser told me save my money. On the rare occasion you shampoo, use Suave coconut shampoo. She was right. I respected her suggestion. She is pricey for her services and could have sold me her expensive shampoos and products, but didn’t. It’s works great and it smells fantastic. I get compliments all the time on my curls.

      HBC = Hair Ball Conversations 🙂


      • And nobody comments on this: “on the rare occasions you shampoo..”
        Aren’t you in FLA? Isn’t it occasionally hot and steamy there? Are you in fact ever hot and steamy (Physically, not emotionally)? And yet you shampoo rarely?

        A few days ago I was envious of the trip you planned to all the MLB parks with Historiophilliac and Professor Mad Dog, but now I’m not so sure…

        And just how long does the coconut smell last if you shampoo rarely? My oh my, the questions and repercussions are bursting my blood vessels!


        • lol…white people are so cute. 🙂

          I wash my hair frequently, but I do something called “co-shampoo.” Using conditioner as shampoo. Curly hair dries out very quickly. I wet my hair and use conditioner only. My hair looks and smells good, I assure you. My patients get a close up whiff all the time–my job requires invading personal space–and they compliment it. And yes, it has a tropical scent. I shampoo it about once a week to avoid drying it out, more frequently if I had a heavy work-out.

          Floridians spend a lot of times indoors in air-conditioning due to the steamy temperatures outdoors. I have never been so cold in my life as I have been indoors in Florida.You always know a newbie in Florida. They never bring a jacket for the indoors.


      • I wash mine with shampoo twice a week and put leave-in conditioner in it daily. I also get compliments. To quote Peanuts: People expect more of you when you have naturally curly hair.



  1. So Yoenis Cespedes, who some people argued was a serious candidate for MVP last season despite being traded in the middle of it, is reduced to being used as a tool to get other players to sign? What am I missing? Every team all set for 35/105 guys? Okey dokey, then.


    • Wouldn’t you have rather had Cespedes? I’m willing to bet he’s the better player over the next 7 years and will come a lot cheaper as well.


      • Depends on how much the contract was, but I would have rather had Cespedes at the 5 year, 90m that was reported. That being said, I’m also hearing that Cespedes is asking for more than Davis ended up getting, so if that’s true, and it was Cespedes v Davis strait up, I’d pick Davis. I think Cespedes is a better overall ballplayer, but Davis is well loved on the team and we already know what we are getting with him. Cespedes brings a lot of unknowns, and I wonder if he’ll decline just as rapidly, if not more so than Davis. Either way, I feel the contract is one they will regret in a few years, however I am really happy to see the team spending money and making an honest effort to win now, considering they have spent the last several years acting like the Monopoly guy when you have to pay the poor tax. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.


        • The whole thing is just baffling. If the Orioles didn’t sign Davis. I bet he would have had a really hard time getting even $100M.

          Same with Cespedes…he can ask for whatever he wants, of course, but based on current demand and ability/desire of teams to spend. He’s likely be lucky to get much over $100M. At 5/90, I think he’s a good deal. At 6/120, I think you regret it.

          The thing I like about Cepsedes is that he’s an elite athlete, and athletes usually age better if they avoid injury.

          Davis strikes out more than anyone else in the league, if his bat speed slips at all, he could be unplayable…of course, he could also put up a couple of more seasons like 2015. He feels like a huge gamble.


  2. Buck’s whole Target thing is major BS. He may be among those that feel we overpay for entertainment in the West (yes, we do) but Chris Davis taking less money will not affect the price of hot dogs and beer at the Yards. I keep hearing good and bad things about Angelos but if he saved by buying batters in the bargain bin (at Target) I doubt he would then lower ticket prices.

    Whether it’s Chris Davis contract or winning the lottery, the whole point is to have enough so you can SEND SOME OTHER FOOL to Target and stand in line behind the guy with the slipping jeans (I don’t need to see that)!


  3. I think this contract shows just how much Angelos got involved. I would have been very happy if they walked and just picked up Cespedes, and it appears at least part of the Cespedes offer was to force Boras’ hand. However the raise in value is interesting. Either it was misreported previously, or they raised the value at least in part to help Davis save face. Angelos has always been in love with power hitting firstbaseman, and Davis is the first he’s really acquired in his tenure as owner, so it seems like sentimentality cost the O’s a few bucks here. I’m sure this contract will look terrible in a few years, however looking around, it seems there will be plenty of those, so maybe all in all the contracts are simply in line with what to expect at this point.


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