Marlins Sign Wei-Yin Chen

Wei-Yin Chen will be packing his bags and moving to Florida on the heels of a 5 year, 80m contract.

As Dierkes explained at length in the above-linked post, Chen earned that contract by posting a 3.44 ERA over 377 innings in the last two seasons. He rarely issues free passes, dominates lefties, and brings a strong low-to-mid-nineties fastball. It’s important to note, too, that Chen has missed only minimal time and has not had any reported arm issues.

Of course, there’s more to it than that, and there are some indications that the lefty may have benefited from some good fortune (including playing in front of a stellar defensive unit in Baltimore). He’s only carried a 3.91 SIERA since the start of 2014, isn’t a major strikeout or groundball pitcher, and has been susceptible to the long ball. And Chen hasn’t exactly chewed up innings; despite being ready almost every fifth day, he doesn’t tend to go deep into games.


12 thoughts on “Marlins Sign Wei-Yin Chen

  1. The contract is heavily back-loaded and offers Florida full trade opportunities and has an opt-out clause after the second season. Chen wore out his welcome last season when he appeared more concerned about his next contract than he was about winning games. I fully expected him to leave, and the O’s will gladly take the compensation pick from Florida.


  2. I take it Chen has the opt out, so if his best years are past, as sounds possible, the Marlins are stuck for 5 years, if he doesn’t suck they probably lose him after 2. They would have been better off giving the Twins a bag of baseballs to take over Nolasco’s contract, far smaller risk and maybe Nolasco returns to form for at least part of the two years. It would also be poetic justice for both of them.



  3. The Marlins are in the square middle of a division with two clear-cut contenders and two clear-cut bottom feeders. Since it appears they’re keeping Jose Fernandez for at least a half season, they needed to address the starting pitching depth behind him so I like this move.


  4. Loria is just posing! He’s trying to make the franchise seem like it’s worth more than it really is with these fake contracts with early opt out before it costs REAL money. He’s selling in two years for 2 billion as he gets to include the stadium at that point.

    A great long con and getting dragged out in front of everyone else who knows better.
    Two franchises have been destroyed and we are all complicit in the theft as none of us had the friggan balls to make that sumbitch answer to what WE, the consumers need…….

    For Loria to run as the Republican presidential candidate! He needs to be Trumps VP!
    The death toll in Florida alone would be worth it. But then……Loria gets KC before they let him have Minnesota. Everything he touches will be contracted, including the governing council of common sense…..just think of the havoc Republicans, let’s wreck this Biatch like we mean it……let’s embrace Armageddon once and for all…..!

    Or…..OR…..WE can vote! Just VOTE! Republican or independent or democrat, just vote so I know WHO I’m debating.

    Love you . I’m hoping that you’re all understanding the whole point of this post is for you to vote for* pasta-diving-Jeter* is the ONLY name we need and deserve.

    Cheers; Sir Slappy…Esquire


  5. He’s going to a much more forgiving division for pitchers. Just getting away from having to face Toronto 4-5 times is going to be good for him. It’s true he’s not a star, but he’s far better than Koehler, Cosart, et al.

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  6. Face it. It’s likely a two year deal. That seems to be how the Marlins (and maybe other teams) want to roll. For a back of the rotation pitcher in this market, I don’t think it’s so bad for the Marlins.


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