Dodgers Sign Yaisel Sierra

Per MLBTR, The Dodgers have signed Yaisel Sierra to a six year deal worth approximately 30-35 million dollars.

Sierra, like Maeda and Olivera, is more or less MLB ready, though he’s probably more likely to see big league action out of a pen in the near term. The Dodgers’ rotation is already arguably somewhat overloaded, though, so Sierra could factor as a 2016 relief piece while looking to tap into his starting upside down the line.

The 24-year-old seems to come with a fairly intriguing ceiling. While he didn’t post good results in his most recent action in Cuba’s Serie Nacional, he is said to have a mid-90s fastball with a good slider. The ready comp is Reds’ righty Raisel Iglesias, with Ben Badler of Baseball America explaining (subscription required) that Sierra has more physical tools but less polished command than did Iglesias when he signed.

It may not be an immediate impact for the team, however this is one of those moves that seems to have the potential at least to offer the team quite a potential boost.

2 thoughts on “Dodgers Sign Yaisel Sierra

  1. The Dodgers playing the numbers game to address their starting pitching questions after Zack Greinke left.
    They have potentially 11 options that could start this year:

    I could see Montas and Sierra, like the author said, help alleviate the Dodgers’ bullpen depth too.

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