Rays,St. Pete Inch Towards Agreement

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that the city of St. Petersburg has released a new proposal for the Rays to get out of their lease so I can stop having nightmares about Tropicana Field and we can all stop having moments like this:

There’s going to be a vote on it next week. Earlier this weekend, I read that a councilmember thought there was going to be a vote on whether or not there was going to be a vote on the proposal. Mayor Kriseman said no. There is just going to be vote. I spared you that report.

The deal would include a $24 million buy-out for the Rays in easy annual payments. If I understand correctly, the entirety of the deal is a $24 million buy-out in easy annual payments, a shiny new stadium, and if they act now, they’ll throw in free shipping and a super duper absorbent shammy cloth. I wonder if they can get a lump sum discount.

The new proposal does have a significant change from previous proposals. No, not the shammy cloth, although those things are great. Reports Charlie Frago of the Times:

Chief among them is a shared account financed by development revenue from the Tropicana Field site.

According to Kriseman, money from developing Tropicana Field’s 85 acres would help finance a new stadium if the Rays chose to stay in St. Peterburg. Why do we finance stadiums for really wealthy people? I don’t know. It’s beyond stupid but that’s what we do apparently. Mom, if every other team does it, why can’t mine?

Another provision is that the Rays won’t be permitted to start looking in the least sexy city in the U.S. according to a highly scientific study, Tampa, for 6 months to allow the city of St. Petersburg time to woo them, because I suppose they haven’t had enough time in the past, oh, I don’t know how many years.

Rays President Brian Auld said of this development, “This agreement creates a positive path forward for both the City and the Rays.” They like it!

Why is this vote different than all the other votes in the past? The election of councilmember Lisa Wheeler-Brown gives Kriseman the majority vote needed to pass the proposal.

This is actually the closest the city and the Rays have come to an agreement. The vote is on January 14th. It is not hyperbole to say the future of the Rays in Tampa Bay is dependent on the outcome of that vote.

Edit: I meant to include a link to the Tampa Bay Times article I sourced:


My apologies.

34 thoughts on “Rays,St. Pete Inch Towards Agreement

  1. Financed by development of the Trop site? Because it’ll be free to tear the thing down (or cost, you know, about $20M) and the town budget is so great that they won’t need that money for anything the local citizens actually need?


      • Indy knows. She emptied their bedpans.

        Incidentally, my favorite moment in the Tropicana Dump was when that dwarf camera blimp went out of control and wandered into the back of the upper deck and got stuck there. I happened to be there for a “Citrus Series” game between the Razed and the Feesh when it happened. Kevin Millar and Bruce Aven pounded the Razed insensate that glorious afternoon but the sight of the three or four fans up there who didn’t come over from Macondo with us on the train scattering like pigeons in St. Peter’s Square before the guys who were brooming down the cobbles will be with me forever.

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  2. If they really want to raise some serious money, the city ought to sell lottery tickets to be the one to press the button to set orf the explosives. Hell, I’d roll my life savings into those tickets.


    • Extend the tickets sales to Macondo residents by telling them that Scrooge McLoria (and the Chihuahua) will bi IN the Trop when the explosives go off and you’ll have the nicest damn ballpark in the majors.

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