Does somebody have a case of the January’s?

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January. It sucks. Let’s face it, we all miss the game. In its absence, the sound of baseball’s silence is deafening. We’ve resorted ourselves to Internet streams of games played on the other side of the Pacific, or south of the Equator. Some fans turn to reruns of games past … that is, if their team’s season wasn’t an absolute and bitter disappointment. It’s a cheap appeasement, but it’ll do. For now.

For the baseball writers, those whom earn their living by mashing words on a keyboard to cover America’s pastime, most are appreciative of the time away. No deadlines. No madness. Complacency sets in … or at least, the attempt is made. Checking Twitter 24/7 is no longer a requirement. Yet, even still, the game is missed. Sleep often eludes those during the season, but we can sleep when we’re dead I suppose. The game awaits. A game that will never grow dull.

Is anyone else as bored as I am?  I know I’ve promised you all the site awards, but the above mentioned complacency has hit me hard.  I’ll do it tomorrow I swear.  Until then, discuss…stuff.

12 thoughts on “Does somebody have a case of the January’s?

  1. Every day I drive past Brighthouse Field, where the Phillies play spring training, on my way to work. It’s a pretty little stadium. The field looks like a little emerald off of US Highway 19. It’s only a little more than a month until pitchers and catchers report. Hang in there.


  2. Go work up a fantasy baseball lineup.

    It’ll make you feel better.

    Or worse, if you realize how most of your choices will be wrong no matter how hard you research.


    1. I’m waiting for another slow draft to fill up. First auction’s not until 1-19.

      I think Jorge Lopez from Milwaukee is an under the radar post-hype sleeper this year, Stex.


      1. I can always squeeze in another league. Hopefully with some small token investment. I’m too jaded to play for nothing. I got suckered into doing a so-called experts draft for Beckett magazine last year. I won the league and was hoping for some memorabilia at least. Apparently the guy over there who coordinated the league with the NFBC left mid-season so I got bupkis.

        I like the guys I compete against in the NFBC (as much as you can like people while simultaneously wanting nothing more than to crush them every year) but it’s really amazing how old fashioned many of these guys are in their viewpoints about baseball. Sabremetrics, Cubans, Joey Votto, the alleged wussification of baseball: none of these things are to be trusted. I just shake my head and laugh.


  3. After several days (well maybe several minutes) of intense philosophical contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that that only reason that the earth has atmosphere in the winter is because January and February suck!


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