Best Baseball I’ve seen…

The pitcher here is 19 year old Ami Inamura (woot again, same age as me…), who can reach 100 kph on the radar gun with her fastball, against a couple of former players in the NPB (pitcher Masahiro Yamamoto and former Yomiuri Giant Michihiro Ogasawara are the most notable ones here). Be prepared for the start of the 1:25 mark though, cause “Ichiro the second” is there… Hehehe.

6 thoughts on “Best Baseball I’ve seen…

  1. #1- She is quite beautiful and she can obviously pitch.
    #2- WHY is the second baseman wearing Speedos with a headband around his neck? I get it’s some sort of pro/am game, but really? Had he been wearing clown makeup you would’ve had the trifecta of nightmare fuel that would have made it mandatory for a trigger warning.

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      1. You’re the second baseman. You’re looking towards the mound. You have her anterior view in between you and the mound.

        Where does your gaze fall?


      2. I’m probably having as much difficultly concentrating as she has with Asian Pablo Sandoval in a speedo behind her…

        Are you being serious right now?


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