The Last [Real] Midnight Snack of 2015

Tomorrow, the Snack will be even more freeform than it usually is. Bugt tonight, it’s baseball news. Sadly, no proposals, but plenty of Dodger Blue.

Lord Love a Lefty:  Today, the man and legend Sandy Koufax turned 80. When I went to Cooperstown a few years ago for the induction ceremony, Sandy skipped the parade but came to the ceremony. Apparently it was the first time he’d been to an induction ceremony in many years because the entire crowd was buzzing. Not to mention that for years, a Sandy sighting was as rare as a certifiable Bigfoot sighting. The ovation was long and loud, as fans of all teams and creeds stood to their feet and feted a man with nearly mythical status in baseball.

Why do I honor Sandy’s birthday today, though? Because the Dodgers just signed Scott Kazmir:

With Kazmir’s signing, the Dodgers now have an incredibly unique rotation – Southpaws a plenty.

Yes. Every active Dodger starting pitcher – Clayton Kershaw, Alex Wood, Brett Anderson, and Hyun-Jin Ryu – is left handed. Has this ever happened before? Someone get Elias on the horn.

Soon you’ll be seeing this on the scoreboard at Dodger Stadium:



7 thoughts on “The Last [Real] Midnight Snack of 2015

  1. These are the items that carried the most cachet among my peers when I was ten years, old growing up in Burbank:
    1) Sandy Koufax baseball card
    2) Cherry bomb/M-80
    3) A copy of Playboy

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  2. I like Kazmir and have rooted for his comeback. I almost always pull for the guys who I had written off completely. I hope Kazmir’s replacement in Oakland, Rich Hill, has a similarly successful return to the Majors.

    It does seem like Kazmir might have some stamina issues. Teams OPS .602 against him in innings 1-3 and .826 in innings 4-6 in 2015 and he faded badly in August and September. He faded down the stretch in 2014 as well, but didn’t have the same troubles the second time through the order that season. Maybe Rick Honeycutt can help him figure out why that was a problem.


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