The Midnight Snack – Last Tuesday of 2015 Edition

Hey peeps. It’s hard out here for a blogger these days. The Hot Stove is cold, most players are in hibernation, and Hall of Fame induction announcements are still a week away. But I still found some food for thought. I do it for you, y’all. I do it for you.

Fun With Ballots:

Yes, you’re looking at this correctly.

Randy Galloway – late of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram – has made his ballot public. Mr. Galloway has officially retired, but I’m not sure if he’s going to abstain from future voting.

He’s making a bold statement here, though. Very bold. As in:

fairy godparents idgaf

I’m not going to pile on Randy Galloway, though. This isn’t the sort of travesty of, say, that one BBWAA writer who voted for Jack Morris and only Jack Morris when Greg Maddux was on the ballot. [I won’t get into it here. We’ll be here all day.] Galloway is voting for the obvious choice on this year’s ballot and a guy who deserved to go in a long time ago. I’m not mad at that. I am just surprised that there’s no one else on that list that he finds worthy of induction. Like, I don’t know, Mike Mussina?

A Fine Bromance:  I am really starting to worry about Anthony Rizzo, guys.

Awww, Anthony. Dude, Bryzzo isn’t over. Kris can still be your work spouse. Most everyone has one.

But seriously – congrats are in order to Kris Bryant and his longtime love, Jessica Delp. They became engaged today! Kris’ tweet about the proposal was very sweet. (I’m a hopeless romantic.) I hope all of Kris and Jessica’s together dreams become a reality. The best of luck to them for a lifetime of happiness.

59 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Last Tuesday of 2015 Edition

    1. I think we’ve made good strides in our society that there was no “no homo” attached there.
    2. I’m generally opposed to the Christmas proposals. And, if you’re going to ask someone to marry you, don’t do it in a hoodie, dammit. Dress like it means something to you.

    And now I’ll go eat worms over that “exclusive marriage club” response…

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    1. So…your primary clue as to whether or not someone is serious about their declaration of wanting to spend the rest of his or her life with you and being bold enough to hope that you feel the same is their outift? and not….say, the fact that they are declaring they want (at least in that moment) to spend the rest of his or her life with you?


      1. I would like to think that these days people discuss marriage as an option and come to agreement on it as equal parties, and then they buy whatever tokens they choose to demonstrate their intent (usually ring[s]). But, if you are of that “romantic” class who loves the proposal story, yes, I do believe that dressing is part of making it an event. I also think you should dress for church. So there.


        1. Re: “romantic” proposals.

          A couple in our lab (she has since finished her PhD, where as he just started his last year after spending a few years as a field biologist) got married. Both being field biologists and outdoorsy, he decided to propose at the top of a mountain that has a nice scenic outlook on a trail they hike from time to time. Apparently, he was acting suspicious because 1/2 way up she asked why he was acting weird, he said he wasn’t and she replied “You better not be planning to propose when we get to the top, or I’m saying ‘no.'” ( way to kill the mood!) Being resilient, he asked anyway and she said ‘yes’….not sure on the wardrobe choices, but it was summer…so probably no hoodie.


        2. Yeah….it was, I think, a formality, as they had obviously discussed marriage enough to make her suspicious in the first place. Poor Jason, he hardly gets to make any decisions and the one time he does….


      2. I agree that if you are going to propose, you should take the time to not dress like a slob. Of course if you are a slob, you tend to dress that way, and that’s kind of the whole point of marriage is accepting each other for who they are. I also believe too many people don’t bother to dress appropriately for work let alone church. The amount of people in spandex, flip-flops, and Jimmy Buffett concert T-Shirts around my office is fucking insane. Apparently it’s too difficult to put on jeans and a dress shirt. Even “office casual” is too difficult for too many people.

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      3. Scout is right. If you’re a slob, be a slob…when you ask her to marry you over half-priced appetizers at Applebee’s. And, if she’s perfect for you, she’ll say yes in her knit pants and messy top knot.

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      4. I had a plan all ready to go to propose to my ex. She is a zoologist and very outdoorsy, and she loves Olympic National Park. So I knew of a beautiful spot there with a great view and had recruited a friend to help out. I was going to take her hiking and we’d come to this spot, and a friend of mine would be there already, dressed like a waiter and acting like he didn’t know us at all, with an appropriate lunch, wine, etc, and I was going to propose to her there.

        Unfortunately she dumped me before it could happen, which was a shock since it was an 8 year relationship.

        I agree that dressing the part is important, I’m with Historio on that. But I also tend to be in the “the proposal should be something unique to the person you are proposing to” rather than the standby “in a restaurant” or stupid stuff like in a stadium.


      5. If the proposal is genuine, heartfelt, and takes place someplace special to both parties, its a good one.

        As long as the proposer says “I love you” and means it, its a good one.

        Not everyone gets a good one.


      6. The best proposals involve someone gagging on the ring that was stuffed into a bacon cheeseburger or the guy who chooses the railing of a cruise ship to try and slip it on her finger after they’ve split a bottle of champagne.

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      7. I couldn’t care less if someone I loved proposed to me in a hoodie. I was probably wearing one when I got engaged. I love to wear them and I was in a helicopter. I honestly don’t remember what I was wearing. I remember the feelings. Seriously, your priorities are not right if the outfit is what concerns you.

        As a hoodie aficionado, I think that Bryant’s looks really nice. Comfortable. He doesn’t look like a slob. They look happy, almost glowing. Good for them.

        I really don’t spend that much time paying attention to how people dress unless it’s wildly inappropriate. “We’re going hiking, you may not wanna wear 5 inch platforms, just sayin’.”


      8. Y’all know nothing about romance. The best spot to propose is when Jaws pops out of the water…

        (I should note I’m pretty sure my wife was relieved when I finally proposed as she mentioned I was turning white before doing it. I don’t handle certain pressure situations well)


        1. You know what would happen if no one proposed?

          Women want what they want…and most women want someone to propose to them….and they’ll bitch if it doesn’t happen exactly like they want it to…hell, some will even bitch about wardrobe choices.

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  1. I do like Anthony Rizzo but I hate people in love. I mostly feel disdain for the Hall of Fame and its largely sanctimonious and self aggrandizing voters. Now unless 2015 gets creative, it failed to kill me so that 2016’s job now and I think political campaign ads will do a fine job of convincing me to take my own life.
    We could just vote Bonds in, admit that he was really good and then never speak of him again, right?

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    1. Yeah, that is a fucking retarded ballot.

      Perhaps his ballots have always been horrible, but this one indicates that he’s either not qualified to vote, doesn’t take the process seriously, or both.

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      1. Randy’s a football guy above all else. He hates most other longer-term sports columnists in the Metromess, too. I loved when Mike Fish would put him down on the radio. Dale Hansen does obliquely, on occasion.


  2. So, is this ballot his resignation letter? Because it should be. “Oh, you want to submit a stupid fucking bullshit ballot? You’re fired. Membership revoked.” Stop the protest bullshit ballots now. The Hall has become a joke specifically because of the voters who treat it as such and the hall that allows them to do so.

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  3. One more thing. Just remember, the only reason people submit and release these ballots is to self promote their bullshit agendas and get attention. It’s a giant moron jumping up and down screaming “Look at me! I’m an asshole!” It’s ridiculous that the hall allows these jack asses to self promote and in fact legitimizes them by not immediately removing them. If course, when Dan LeBatard does the same fucking thing, he’s drawn and quartered. The difference here is he was protesting the Hall itself. I’m done with the Hall. I’ve stopped caring more and more each year and I think I’ve finally had my fill of their bullshit.


    1. More and more, the older I get, and the more ridiculous the voting gets, the less I’m inclined to care enough to get worked up over it.
      I think every voter should have to, publicly, in writing, justify his/her vote and also, on a yearly basis, justify why they should be allowed to continue voting.


    1. There could be times when a blank ballot is okay because it is possible that there could be no worthy candidates. Of course, this is not one of those times as there are at least 15 guys on the ballot that would all be among the best 50% of HOFers if elected.

      A blank ballot now just says that you are too lazy to bother evaluating the candidates in a serious fashion.


  4. As I said above, Galloway’s a football guy above all else. I didn’t even realize he made the new HOF voting cut, as it’s been close to a decade since he has done any real football coverage.

    If you really, really, really, want to piss him off, say ANYTHING nice about Jethro Jerry Jones.


      1. Well, I’ll just have to politely disagree. She didn’t need the other owners approval or anything. Her rich husband died, and she inherited the control of the club. Don’t get me wrong, I think she will do a much better job than her passive-aggressive (mostly passive) hubby did, but it’s not like she’s broken down any barriers to get where she is now.


        1. I think that’s true to a degree, but, as if Scott Freaking Kazmir’s going to get a big bump two years from now?

          Yeah, and a team from the Windy City will win a World Series. 😉


      1. The opt out is after just 1 year….and next year’s FA crop is freaking horrible. If he has a semi-solid season, he could get more dollars and years….because, as Historio points out, teams have more money to spend every day and less and less to spend it on.

        Plus, there is a lot of deferred money, in the current deal. If he has a healthy 2016, he’ll get a lot more than $32M over 2 years with $16M deferred….no, not twice as much, but probably at least 1 more year and likely a 10-25% raise in AAV…, he may decide he just hates playing for the Dodgers and want to move. Having both flexibility and security is a freaking awesome thing….especially in a profession where you usually don’t get to choose who you work for until most of your career is over (if ever, as most careers end before that point).


        1. Yeah, and at $16M/year…a lot of teams can be in the bidding….if you want him, you still have to do something to “win” the bidding. The opt out is probably still more desirable for a team than more money.

          The risk for the team is that he sucks and they are on the hook for $48M for a broken pitcher…but that would still be true without the opt out.


  5. Man, I take a couple days off and you have the liveliest gabfest of the year’s end? No justice!
    1. I didn’t know Kazmir’s middle name was “Freakin”
    2. I think the mountaintop proposal was a good idea – I think the point is to make it an EVENT worth remembering and mountain, helicopter, etc. fit the bill but barring special clothing needed for the venue DRESSING UP FOR THE BIG EVENT IS APPROPRIATE! But I guess you guys never wear your #2 jerseys to the Yankees game, or your #32 to Dodger Stadium.
    3. I am presently wearing the Tools of Ignorance, with an Awesome Ausmus portrait taped over my face (under my mask). Historio, Will You Marry Me Even If This Proposal Perpetuates The Patriarchy?

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