The Midnight Snack – In Case You Missed It Monday Edition

So we had a long extended weekend, and that includes Chez Prof. I’m sure everyone’s seen the little bites I’ve lined up for us tonight, but they were great, and everyone likes leftovers!

The Greatest Gift Of All:  Noah Syndergaard loves his teammates, but he especially loves Bartolo Colon. I mean, who doesn’t, but Thor really loves Bartolo. So much so that his entire family celebrated his greatness at Christmastime.

This is what the holidays are all about. Family. Fun. Outfitting everyone you love in Bartolo Colon tees.

Athletes! Just Like You and Me!:  We tend to think of athletes as being these specimens of perfection, men and women who are never clumsy, never suffer from spaz attacks, never fall right on their asses doing something dumb.

I know that’s not the case – in fact, Derek Holland alone has broken me from that illusion all by himself – but the newest member of the Clumsy Athlete Club is the legendary Dan Uggla.

Uggs – a man I affectionately call Popeye/Beyonce due to his ample arm and booty – and his children were playing on a hoverboard. You can imagine what happened next. In fact, if the click the above link, you can see the glorious result for yourself. And speaking of children (yes, I know OG, children are horrible – BUT)…

Welcome To Our World:  Adam Wainwright and his family have a new peanut.

Sometimes this world is a cold, horrible place, but then you think about the breathtaking promise of new life, the innocence of a child, and all of the hope they hold in the palm of their hands.

Congrats to the Wainwright family.

12 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – In Case You Missed It Monday Edition

  1. Whoever named those things “hoverboards” apparently don’t know how words are supposed to work. It’s got wheels. It doesn’t hover in the slightest.

    It’s probably the same person that named almond juice “milk”. Milk comes from mammals, not nuts or soybeans.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It took me a bit to figure out wtf people were talking about when they said “hoverboard” because working in Seattle if such a beast really existed I guarantee you I’d be run over by one by now given all the tech industry loons here who are always the first to any fad if it has anything vaguely ‘technology’ about it.


    1. I was going to comment about how that baby looks delicious, but then I thought of St Louis fans telling me how only THEY know how to ” filet the babe the right way “…..also garlic!


  2. And, Uggla apparently didn’t read Amazon’s notice that, due to battery fires, it’s officially recommending people trash their hoverboards while waiting for refunds.

    And, Waino’s World, Waino’s World.


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