Was Santa Good To You?

grinchy puss

Now that the Christmas weekend is over, I’m guessing most folks have opened their holiday gifts.

Did you get anything really great? Anything baseball related?

I got a book about old ballparks from my in-laws, a fabulous hat from my best friend, and a CD I’ve been wanting for months from a very close friend.

Still didn’t feel very festive, though. I think it’s that kind of a year for many people.

43 thoughts on “Was Santa Good To You?

  1. I got something baseball-related and gave something baseball-related.

    My kids got me the following book on the Jays’ 2015 season:


    And I gave my Dad the following… which I fully intend to borrow:



  2. A classmate of mine bought me a Baseball book as a gift in our Christmas party just a week ago, titled “Amazin’ ” The miraculous history of New York’s beloved Baseball team, by Peter Golenbock… He knows that I’m a Braves fan though, still pretty awesome cause finding a Baseball book like that here in our country is like finding a needle in a haystack, and for him to find me a book like that is like a dream come true, I couldn’t ask more for a great Christmas present.

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    • I went to the Nixon library several years ago. It was when it was still privately run, before it was turned over to the National Archives, like other prez libraries. It was about 2-3 weeks after Mark Felt outed himself as Deep Throat. Not one word about it in the library.


  3. I got socks. Plain white socks. It’s all I’ve asked for in the past 6 years or so, and it’s what I get. Some people include an envelope with a bit of cash, some don’t, and I’m happy either way…as long as I get my socks.

    Few things on this earth feel as good as pulling on a brand new pair of socks.


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