Petco Park (Technically) Does Not Belong to the Padres

File this under weird and wacky news:  mentally ill man somehow fools the system into giving him the deed to Petco Park.

petco_park_480x200According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, a gentleman took legal title ownership away from the city and the Padres by filling out a title transfer form.

The wild thing is that it went through.

Because no money exchanged hands, the man – identified as Derris McQuaig – does not actually own Petco Park. The court recognizes that the deed ownership is bogus. However, this does raise questions about how property is deeded in California.

No word on whether Mr. McQuaig is also going to try to trade James Shields.

14 thoughts on “Petco Park (Technically) Does Not Belong to the Padres

  1. I admit to not reading the linked story. Does the UT explain how it was determined that the man was mentally ill, or is it just assumed he is mentally ill because he wanted to own Petco Park?


    1. The story says he has a long history of mental illness including a stay in a state hospital and some sort of restraining order from a library. It wasn’t simply somebody trying to demonstrate the ridiculousness of how property is deeded in California.

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  2. The article doesn’t really clarify what makes this deed so troublesome – did this guy forge the authorization of the current owners for the deed transferal, or does California law not require the owner to authorize if various details about the property are included?

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