What Gift Do You Want Under The Tree?

free-agencyIt’s that time of year when many a person shifts their thinking toward the giving and receiving of gifts.  So today’s discussion topic is all about what gift you and your team would like to unwrap this week?  ESPN is maintaining a decent list of the remaining available Free Agents.  Now the key here is to be reasonable.  You can’t claim you want Chris Davis for 75 million over 8 years.  You and I both know that isn’t going to happen in any world.  But you can be free to not worry too much on the financials, and just assume said player signs a market value contract that’s neither team, nor player friendly and is fair and balanced.  What I’m trying to say is try to be realistic.  Play nice or we’ll call you out.  I’m looking at you Yankee/Cardinal fans!  So who is it?  If you can cherry pick one player and if all things are equal, have him choose your team over anyone else, who do you want?  Is it Chris Davis?  Yoenis Cespedes?  Wei-Yin Chen?  Ian Desmond?  Doug Fister?  Dexter Fowler?  I’ll even accept trade requests.  Don’t worry about what you’ll give up, just tell me who you want.  The only caveat to that is you have to link a MLBTradeRumors article that mentions that player previously in trade discussions over the past 3 months.  Come on Histo.  I know you’re just aching to get Jonathan Papelbon on your squad!


66 thoughts on “What Gift Do You Want Under The Tree?

  1. This song helps bridge the gap between yesterday’s discussion of great cover songs and tomorrow’s discussion yet to be announced. While Marilyn never actually recorded this song (Eartha Kitt was the first), it was covered many times by quite a few very talented artists, and yet was always most commonly and mistakenly attributed to Monroe.


  2. The Rays never sign any big free agent, so no point in window shopping them. There have been trade rumors, but I am not fixated on one person there–just want them to get guys who can hit, please.

    #1 wish is what I don’t want. For whatever reason, Jonathan Papelbon keeps leaving the Rays off his no trade list. I can only assume/hope it’s because any trade with the Rays would require the Nats to still pay most of his salary. Regardless, please do keep off my favorite team’s roster.


    1. Papelbon went to high school in Florida. He may like it.

      That’s my fear. That the Rays see Papelbon as a personality rehab project and trade for him if Nats pick up salary. NOOOOOOO!!


      1. The rules of the game required reasonable feasibility.

        I expect a new stadium deal will eventually get done, but don’t look for it for another couple years at least.

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      1. Thanks. Old Gator invited me. I gave HBT plenty of time to get their act together and it just wasn’t happening. Couldn’t see wasting another season there.

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  3. I’m not entirely sure what all of their asking prices are at the moment, but assuming they were asking for something reasonable (unlike Chen) I wouldn’t be overly opposed with any of the following (In order): Yoenis Cespedes, Scott Kazmir, Yovani Gallardo, Chris Davis (I like him, but I think he’s going to eat up too much salary to be worth it and he will decline hard in a year or two), Alex Gordon, Mark Buehrle, Doug Fister, Gerardo Parra.

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  4. For the Astros: Chris Davis at 6X 150 MM$ (good luck with that) and Scot Kazmir at 3 X 35 MM$.

    For me, I will go with Yahmule’s choices. It’s that time of year for the fantasy freaks.

    For the good old USA: Photos of Donald Trump in a compromising position with various barnyard animals.

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      1. Obviously my last note was a response to Scouts.

        Remember, we’re are talking about high value gifts being placed under a tree – symbolizing nature worship – by a mythical being who supposedly visits every home in the Western World in one night.

        I don’t think we are constrained by reality here.


    1. Yeah, it would seem kinda greedy to ask for the Cubs to do much more.

      I’m plenty content to head into spring training with the roster as it currently stands.


  5. Already got mine:


    Hope all y’all are doing well and enjoying your Xmas/Hanukkah/Holidays. Thanks again to scout and others for putting this site together to give us a chance to have adult conversations. Have you been back to HBT? It’s a fucking shitshow

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      1. New Years resolution for all of us… rescue the remaining sane people from HBT… I’m talking PC, Cur, etc. Add your own names here.


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