Turner Field To Be Recycled

It’s not every day an article here refers to “Collegefootballtalk,” but through that site is an Atlanta Journal Constitution article indicating Georgia State University is going to purchase Turner Field.  The plan is to convert it for use as their new football venue.  They also plan to develop some of the surrounding area as student housing.  Regardless of whether one appreciates the oblong-ball sport, it is good to see Turner Field will not end up a parking lot, a patch of weeds, or an auto impound lot (fates that have befallen other MLB venues when abandoned for shiny, new, taxpayer-funded playgrounds).  Georgia State moving forward with buying Turner Field

“After a through review of all the proposals, including in person presentations, the Board of the City of Atlanta and Fulton County Recreation Authority has a preferred bidder and will commence negotiations immediately,” board chairman William K Whitner said in a news release. “We will move forward expeditiously to ensure that we make meaningful progress toward determining the future of this historic neighborhood. AFCRA has been a long-time partner in this community and we fully appreciate the importance of negotiating with a developer that will have the community’s interest foremost in mind.”

5 thoughts on “Turner Field To Be Recycled

  1. Thank you to whomever improved upon my original Luddite effort at posting. I will endeavor to make such efforts not needed in the future as I learn my way around this bloggy stuff.


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