The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

One Ticket to Cooperstown, Please:  Hall of Fame ballots were due on Monday and so far, it looks like we’ll have at least one sure inductee in Ken Griffey, Jr. The rest? Well, that’s not so simple.

As always, when discussing the Hall of Fame and people who are eligible, I bring to your attention the ridiculousness that is the omission of a truly worthy pitcher to the shrine we call Cooperstown. Friends, we (and by we I mean, I. I mean, come on), are going to rally ’round the Moose here. It’s time for


For the last couple of years, Mike Mussina has only gotten around 20% of the vote. There are many reasons for this egregious error in judgement, as mentioned in this article from

According to, which tracks ballots that have already been unveiled to the public, no player has received more votes from people who didn’t vote for him in 2015 than Mussina. As we mentioned earlier, Mussina was likely left off several ballots in his first two seasons because voters who felt he was worthy simply didn’t have enough space on their ballots.

I follow a lot of baseball writers on twYankees-pitcher-Mike-Mussina-retiresitter, and many of them have made their votes public. Almost every writer I’ve seen has put Moose on their ballot for this year.
We here at Snack Central vow to continue to follow the candidacy of Moose until such time as the Hall opens its door to him or he falls off the ballot.

Our Love’s In Jeopardy, Baby:  Pretty sure y’all know by now, but I am a big ol’ nerd. In high school, I was captain of the Quiz Bowl team. When I was in college, I won the campus wide Trivial Pursuit competition. Severe social anxiety keeps me from trying out for things like Jeopardy!. I’m guessing, though, that if I were to try my hand at Jeopardy! I wouldn’t get this awesome question:

I would’ve straight up murdered this question. Damn it.

14 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

  1. They didn’t know the word “sabermetrics”? No one is asking them to calculate fWAR. Don’t even make an excuse for them, Trebek. Pathetic.

    Back in the day, I tried out for Who Wants to be a Millionaire a couple of times because that show is so easy. First, it’s multiple choice. The answer is there. Second, you can cheat–really, I can call a friend?–and I have some pretty brilliant friends in all areas. I got past the written exam because again, easy. The interview is where I failed. Sarcasm and resting bitch face don’t play well on game shows, I guess.

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      1. I’m sure it’s just a pensive look, Indy. People aren’t used to looking at people who really think.

        But I like that “RBF” myself. That carries a world of meaning.


    1. I’m the guy from “Diner” who sits by himself watching Jeopardy and sweeps the board. But put the buzzer in my hand and stand me up in a roomful of strangers? I severely doubt it.


      1. From experience, I know about buzzers. In high school, our Quiz Bowl tournaments followed quasi-Jeopardy! rules. We could not buzz in before the question was finished, either. You had to make sure you smashed the button quickly and didn’t hold onto it too much or else it would cancel your buzz out.

        As captain, it was my responsibility to be sure that any team questions were buzzed in the right way. Oh man, it was a chore to teach the new kids how to use the buzzer correctly. LOL


  2. There was a time when I just thought that Moose was a pretty good (roughly) #2 pitcher who happened to pitch for the Yankees. Then at some point I actually looked at his career stats and saw I was way wrong. I can support him as a real candidate.

    Sorry, my first concern goes to Bagwell until they come to their first concern goes to him. But Mussina has made my last of should-be’s.


  3. The tracker has Mussina at 55 after 99 votes published, but there are a lot of votes to come. And seven more years to get it done. I see, perhaps, 2018, when the learned HBC is the place to go for good BB analysis. No sarcasm from me, although there is a lot of it here, AND this is now the official home of the Resting Bitch Face.


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