Good news from the broadcast booth

John SmoltzFox baseball broadcasts are getting better!

John Smoltz is replacing Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci in the booth for next year. Yes, Joe Buck will still be there as the play-by-play guy, but this is still a definite improvement.

I’ve never been a fan of three-person baseball broadcast booths. And Reynolds just wasn’t good. A post on Awful Announcing suggests he’d be good as a studio analyst, but I wouldn’t even agree with that. He’s a younger Joe Morgan, as another Awful Announcing blogger notes, whether the “old-school” angle is real with him or just a schtick. And, as such, he’s worthless as a modern baseball analyst.

Yes, Joe Buck is still there. But, maybe he’ll eventually decide to move on to his first love, the NFL, as his only major sports focus. We can only hope, since Fox’s current contract just started in 2014. Maybe Ken Rosenthal can strangle him with one of his patented bow ties, and auction that one off for charity.

4 thoughts on “Good news from the broadcast booth

  1. I have mixed emotions. KIDDING. I DON’T. I’M SO HAPPY.

    I’m thrilled we don’t have to listen to Harold’s inane yammering and stupidity. I’m extremely happy that Smoltzie gets a major gig on a network not called MLB. He’s personable and knowledgable and tells jokes that are so corny you’d think they were from Iowa.

    The only thing I am sad about is that now I have to change the free space on MLB Bingo. No more “Shut Up Harold!”.

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  2. Dammit, Gadfly! You had me thinking Joe Buck was leaving, but this is the next best thing, I guess.

    On another note, as announced a few weeks back, my own team’s broadcasts are getting a familiar face back in the booth. Dan Shulman, who did Blue Jays broadcasts with Buck Martinez starting in 1995 will be joining the Sportsnet booth for 30 games next season and the one after. One of my fave broadcasters.

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  3. I have a terrible confession to make. I kind of enjoyed Harold’s friendly, easy-going schtick. For reasons that escape me, I was fine with him doing color on a game, or working the studio.

    Yeah, he doesn’t know much. But he wasn’t as aggressive or entitled about is as Morgan.

    Am I happy that Smolz is taking over? Yes. But in some bizarre way I will miss Harold.

    Go figure.


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