The Midnight Snack – Friday

It’s Friday! We made it through another week. I think this calls for a party, don’t you?

Upgrade U:  Do you remember when we wrote about J-Paps’ no-trade list? Apparently that was last year’s. He’s updated his wish list.

Paps is no Beyonce, and there is no team alive that is going to think that he’s an upgrade by any stretch of the imagination. But we all know he’s going to find a home somewhere. Someone’s going to think he’s better than nothing and he’ll be spreading his poisonous venom to another team.

Thankfully, that team will not be the Braves, as he’s added them to the list of teams he can veto. Thank God for small miracles.

Made of Gold:  Noah Syndergaard – he of the flowing blond mane, blistering pitches, and cool demeanor – is also a world class Twitter wit.

When a stat-heavy tweet about the increase in 95MPH+ pitches in MLB last season appeared on Twitter, Syndergaard penned the following response:

Fast and breezy, just like his wicked  fastballs.

Cool, tough, and different, just like the roller derby girls in this video.

On that note, have a great weekend, friends!



7 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Friday

  1. I really don’t get all the Papelbon hate. Last year he was worth 1.4 bWAR. From relief. That is actually really damn good. He was worth 2.8 bWAR in 2014, which is awesome. Andrew Miller, for instance was worth 2.2 bWAR last year, and 1.8 bWAR in 2014. I am not certain why anyone would not want an elite reliever on their team simply because he is perceived as an ‘ass’.

    And to put it in perspective, Papelbon has never beat his wife so far as I am aware. He has not assaulted anyone. The worst thing I know of is that he grabbed his crotch once and people have the general idea that he’s a jerk. The game has had a lot of jerks in it, and if supposed clubhouse cancers like Jeff Kent, Curt Schilling, AJ Pierzynski and Albert Belle weren’t able to stop their teams from winning, I don’t see why Papelbon could. If a bunch of players being paid millions to win ballgames can’t ignore one irritating colleague who spends most of his time in the bullpen, the team has bigger problems on its hands.


    1. Papelbon is one of the chiefest calamities of our age. He is a notorious “tough” guy who calls out his teammates for any perceived slight and occasionally gets into fights with them such as his assault on the neck of Bryce Harper. He likes to scream at fans and although he made one gesture famous he routinely flips them off. He’s also a head hunter and tried twice to kill Manny Machado this season alone. Also he has an infinitely punchable face. If I’m Mike Rizzo I call the Kurds and try to send Papelbon and cash for a prisoner swap or ISIS memorabilia.

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