MLB players awesome scene in Cuba

Awesome report/video by Arirang. Everything in this vid is just awesome.

And by CNN.

7 thoughts on “MLB players awesome scene in Cuba

  1. Ren, you can’t imagine how sweet this feels to a lifelong Macondoan who has watched from a catbird seat the undead spite of American Cuba policy slog onward through the decades, oblivious to the harm its economic strangulation was doing not only to the average Cuban on the island but to the image of the US throughout Latin America. Not only that; we’ve also had to endure the nonstop ranting and raving of our local exile extremists, trying to bully and intimidate anyone who disagreed with them even while bellyaching loudly about the loss of “democracy” – something they clearly wouldn’t recognize if it bit them on their collective ass – back home. Even after five decades of abject failure to achieve its primary goal, the unseating of the Castro revolution, we still have Reslugnican presidential candidates like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and the dwindling population of relict right wing Cuban exiles here in Macondo, screeching like howler monkeys that the sanity of rapprochement is “strengthening the regime” that has already entrenched itself for fifty years and counting.

    Just two days ago, the US and Cuba agreed to re-institute regular commercial airline flights between American cities and Cuba. A few days before that, the two nations agreed to re-institute direct mail service (currently, mail from the US to Cuba, after being opened and inspected by “intelligence” agents for both sides, needed to go through Mexico, the Bahamas or Jamaica before being forwarded to Cuba, and vice-versa: stupidity rampant on a field of bureaucracy). And now, if you’re an American scholar, journalist, musician etc. wanting to “study” (dear Buddha, what a ridiculous word for a vacation) Cuban culture, you can book your trip to the island without the State Department paperwork and “approval” that used to be necessary.

    None of this means that the Cuban government will “reform” itself overnight. Our right-wing knuckledraggers who have been kvitchering from the outset that the Castro regime “still” denies political and civil rights to its citizens seem to think that the lack of an abracadabra! solution to the island’s economic and political ills is evidence of the failure of the thaw. Of course, anyone with minds in their brains knew better and I think, all to the good, that most of us are already bored with the relentless puelling, plaints and sniping from the right. Fortunately, those dinosaurs are going extinct; Obama’s outreach seems to have been the meteorite impact that’s driving the die-orf. What has begun now will, eventually, prepare the island for expanded rights, freer travel and gradually increasing prosperity.

    These wonderful scenes of Cuban exile ballplayers, some as recently defected as Yasiel Puig, back in their homelands and being feted like heroes are evidence that a process is in motion that even gibbering demagogues like Trump, Cruz or Rubio couldn’t reverse.

    I’m planning to visit Havana later this spring, when the Canadian winter tourist season ends and some of the hotels and bed and breakfast facilities have available rooms again. My interests are primarily musical, and on this trip I doubt if I’ll get out into the countryside. The great jazz goes on in Havana. But I will surely arrange to take in a ballgame or two, much as I always do when I go to Japan. I used to worry that I’d never live to see this happen. It’s wonderful.

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    • Gator, I was about to say all of this before you stole the words…

      I don’t have such a close relationship to Cuba, but I’m still ecstatic about the eventual end of this cold war era nonsense. And yes, Obama gets the credit and a shout out from me as well (He also gets one for appearing on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” to talk about climate change last night – well timed with the Paris agreement by no accident of course).

      The “defectors” being back home and celebrated is something they probably never could have imagined while jumping through hoops in the criminal underworld just to make it to the MLB. I love the idea of seeing some Spring Games in Cuba and hopefully I’ll be going there soon to check some Cuban baseball out for myself.

      If you DO get to see some baseball while you are there, take pictures. We’ll need a post about it!


      • Don’t know what hoops one would have to jump through to go next spring, but I imagine restrictions will be eased considerably sometime in the near future. Maybe not in time for this coming spring, but soon.
        It’s possible, and not overly difficult, even though it is in violation of the embargo, to travel there now on fishing expeditions
        If you can go, you should.The people there are genuinely warm are friendly and welcoming to visitors. Especially if you can ( and I know you can) talk about beisbol.


      • Yeah it sounds like the MLB and Cuban counterpart will be up and running in no time versus the rest of us who are standing pat for relations to fully normalize. We don’t have enough money to get the expedited treatment…


  2. I have to say, this trip has given me a lot of respect for Kershaw. He’s the only whitey to make the trip. He has to feel like the odd-man out, but he’s there and working with kids. And, clearly, all that talk about him hating Puig was bunk, since he’s along with him on the trip. Could it be that Kershaw is interested in Puig and Latino culture and reaching out? The story about Kershaw doing his throwing routine with a crowd was really nice too.


  3. But wait, guys! We just haven’t given the embargo long enough to work! (/sarcasm)

    I am here to report joyfully that my mother, as unreconstructed a Cold Warrior as there could possibly be – and 87 years old – wants us to take her to Cuba for her 90th birthday.

    You bet we will.


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