The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

We had a lot of big signings today, and a trade that saw the Toddfather make his way to the Windy City. All of this is great, but none of it is snack-worthy. A light nosh this evening, with bonus theme music. Stay hungry, friends.


First things first, here’s the theme song for tonight’s post.

Note to Inda: not a boy band, not Creed, and not Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town.

Deny, Deny, Denial:  Yadier Molina is arguably the most beloved member of the St. Louis Cardinals. My Cards-cheering family members believe him to be the finest catcher in the entire league, and he wins enough awards year after year to bolster his reputation.

A couple of months ago, Yadi had some issues with his thumb, and had to have surgery. Many people were hoping he would be cleared for spring training and a return behind home plate to help the Birds on the Bat come back and battle the suddenly hot Chicago Cubs for NL Central supremacy.

But not so fast.

photoMolina has opted to have a second surgery on the same thumb because it wasn’t healing properly. Of course, one would hope that Molina recovers from this second surgery, but the biggest question (for me, at least) is when can he grip the bat again? And how does this affect St. Louis’ plans for Opening Day and going forward?

Also affecting the Cardinals is the news that Randal Grichuk had to have sports hernia surgery. While not as drastic as Yadi’s surgery – Grichuk should be able to participate in spring training – the young outfielder has been quite injury prone in his short career. Grichuk looks to be the Cards’ outfield starter, so his long term health is paramount in the Redbirds’ plans for this upcoming season.

24 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

  1. Doom for the Cardinals! An absconding outfield star! A walking wounded pitching staff! A black hole at first base! (Hey, the Astros have one of those). A sore-handed catcher! A weak-groined outfielder! (Boy, it hurts to even say that) An aging shortstop! Shunned left and right by free agents! The hot breath of Chicago on the backs of their necks!

    Or maybe not.

    But it should be more interesting than in years past.


    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the entire pitching staff will have TJS by the All-Star Break, all of the allegedly good young players will stop producing, and the systems ability to produce useful or better major leaguers will suddenly vanish.

      Oh the horror. Good thing that fans of this team have got enjoy them reaching the NLDS NINE times in the 2000s, and watched them win 3 WS titles and play in 7 total WS over the last 33 years….because, that is never going to happen again. I imagine that the intimidating awesomeness of the Cubs will result in the contraction of the franchise before the end of the decade.

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        1. If you were making a list of teams least likely to move, I would guess the Cardinals would be pretty high up there….essentially tied with the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Giants, and Cubs…..but really, any team could move if somewhere is offering a sweet stadium deal, I guess.

          If they did move, the only way it would affect me is that I couldn’t go to games with my dad every few years….when I do visit family, it is usually during the holidays rather than the summer.


      1. I’ve never been to a game at new Busch. My one brother is a season ticket holder, but haven’t been to St. Louis for years. My normal vacation is hiking and photography in national parks and wilderness areas, first, and second, sometimes blood isn’t thicker than water. (Not so much/totally with that brother, but other relatives within 3 hours or so of St. Louis.)


    2. BTW, I may have to check the irony output filter on my comments. You appear to be taking them far more seriously than they are intended.


      1. Nah, I just thought it was an interesting “thought experiment”, what would it take for some entrenched teams to move and what would be the implications?


  2. As posts for random conversation occur rather, well, randomly.

    Here is a topic.

    Which teams will be the bidders for the remaining potentially high-priced FA?

    There are still some quality bats available: Upton, Cespedes, Gordon, Davis….who is going to sign these guys? If you look through the league, it really doesn’t look like a strong market for most or any of them. Teams just aren’t willing to pay through the nose for what may be only a 1 or 2 win upgrade over their in house options. The usually suspects (NYY, LAA, LAD, BOS, WAS) for big spending don’t seem to be interested. Teams that missed out on Heyward seem to be focused elsewhere or to have had a Heyward or nothing approach.

    So….who, exactly, is going to be ponying up $80M or $100M or $150M (or whatever these guys are looking for) for any of these guys? It is already near Christmas, and there has been essentially no buzz at all on any of these guys.


    1. I started the off-season hoping that the Astros were going to loosen up the purse strings for runs at Davis and Gordon. Davis was a hot rumor around Houston, so I thought that one might have some legs. But the Astros have like four fairly well regarded prospects for first base. I could have seen them springing for two years, but since seven is already in play there is no way that is happening.

      Why aren’t the Cards more interested? I’m not a big fan of Matt Adams. Sure, Davis strikes out a lot, but his OBP is in the 360’s. That’s very manageable. The Yankees or Angels, with aging and not very healthy first basemen, would seem a natural.

      Here’s one. How about the Giants? They are on a spending spree, and he would be a definite upgrade for them.

      I think almost any team could use Gordon. Again, I think the Astros wrote themselves out when Rasmus committed. Here is another case of waiting on your AAA prospects. Sometimes I think they are too patient for their own good. No. Often I think that.

      I’m less of a believer in the long term viability of Cespedes. I think he is so all or nothing that the wheels are going to come off. Maybe GM’s agree.

      And Upton looks good and steady, but not for an All Star contract. Maybe they are waiting until some of the heat is off of the stove. He looks more reasonable at about 50MM$/3 to me.


      1. The price for Davis is just too high (especially in years) with too much risk for the Cardinals to take on. I think that they think they have a viable 2016 option at 1B between Adams, Moss, and Piscotty. Moss had hip surgery last year and they seem to think that his down 2015 was a product of that. Piscotty is a guy that has a great approach at the plate and makes a lot of hard contact, him MiLB numbers don’t really match his potential because he’s spent time messing with his swing trying to hit more FBs to maximize his power potential.

        The Cardinals aren’t interested in Gordon because they already have Holliday, Piscotty, Pham, and Grichuk….all but the first are capable of being plus defenders and all are capable of being as good or better than Gordon at the plate. Pham could be the best of them if he can stay healthy, if not for a series of injuries the last few years, he would have been a heralded prospect and in the majors 2 years ago.

        For Gordon and Davis, I think teams are rightly worried about paying top dollar and only getting decline years.


      2. Personally, I would love it if they signed Davis and Upton. Upton is younger than the others, and Holliday will be gone after next year….he would be a nice addition and allow more platooning of the young guys until 2017.

        I’d love to see a really high AAV for a 3-4 yr deal for Davis. Adding some thump to the lineup would also strengthen the bench. Having no holes in a roster is just as important has having stars.

        They have the money…hell, they’ve been saving it for years….spending now shouldn’t prevent them from spending in the future….and really, what else is there to spend on the next couple of years?


      3. With all of their post-seasons going into the owner’s pocket and their basically strong fan base and reasonable salary structure, the Cards can damn well afford anyone they decide to afford.

        They even have a new broadcast contract, don’t they?


      4. But yeah, they can afford anyone. That is what is pissing off so many fans. Watching a team with the most efficient salary structure finish 3rd isn’t what fans are interested in….and neither should a team…the goal is to win, not to have the most efficient use of resources….and when that strategy results in a few losing years, they will make less money (i.e. lose money in business parlance) than if they had over paid for a FA or two.


      1. For which guy? Davis? Cespedes? Upton? They could definitely use a corner OFer….and if they think Davis could play some 3B for a year or 2, that might be an option as well.


        1. They are going to stick with Castellanos (dammit) come hell or high water, so no Davis (I’m assuming you mean Crush instead of Rajai). I really, really hope they do pick up a good OF — Gordon would even be an upgrade for us (and I know you don’t like him because he’s old). You can read more about that in my upcoming post about the Tigers…which I have been working on for like 3 weeks… :/


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