White Sox Acquire Todd Frazier In Three Team Swap

A big trade just went down, involving the Reds, Dodgers, and White Sox.  The trade breakdown is as follows:

The Dodgers will get  outfielder Trayce Thompson, second baseman Micah Johnson, right hander Frankie Montas

The White Sox will get third baseman Todd Frazier

The Reds will get infielder Jose Peraza, outfielder Scott Schebler, infielder Brandon Dixon

The acquisition of Frazier will give the White Sox a drastically altered infield composition, as he’ll now take over at third base with fellow trade acquisition Brett Lawrie moving over to second base. Frazier, who turns 30 in February, adds a power bat to the middle of Chicago’s lineup to complement fellow right-handed slugger Jose Abreu. The reigning Home Run Derby champion, Frazier has batted a combined .264/.322/.479 with 64 home runs over the past two seasons with the Reds. He’s set to earn $7.5MM in 2016 and can be controlled via the arbitration process for the 2017 season, after which he will be eligible for free agency.

20 thoughts on “White Sox Acquire Todd Frazier In Three Team Swap

    1. The White Sox are still a bad baseball team…and just traded youth for 2 years of control of a 30 yr old 3B.

      It is like the White Sox are prioritizing winning between 75 and 82 games every year.

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      1. Any improvement by a division rival is not to be welcomed. Also, I was secretly hoping for the Toddfather as a last minute gift this year, thanks a lot, Santa, you judgmental fat bastard.


    2. Pattern for the last two seasons: Todd Frazier plays like an MVP for April-July. After the All Star Break he quickly becomes chopped liver.

      I expect the ChiSox are buying on the glittery first four months for the last two years. They may end up with a disappointed feeling.


      1. Seems odd to me. I’m happy if I’m the White Sox. I don’t think they gave up that much for a guy who brings the bomb squad.


    1. If he had committed to that full-on rebuild back in July…I suspect he would have not only gotten more for Frazier, he might even have been able to move Chapman before his domestic issues came out.


      1. Yep, if you aren’t competitive….it is always better to sell a littler too early than a little too late. There was no way Frazier’s value was going to be higher than it was after his awesome 1st half (wRC+ of 146…then he totally tanked in the 2nd half (wRC+ of 75, ouch!).

        Same with Chapman, if you trade him in July, he’s at least twice as valuable because teams get him for 2 post-season runs, now they would just get him for one…and now he has another shady domestic issue on top of that.

        Jocketty was always a one trick pony, and that trick has nothing to do with rebuilding. He has none of the skills a rebuilding team would want.


        1. I thought I had read that Votto would veto any trade…that, for whatever reason, he wants to remain in Cincinnati for his entire career.

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      2. Yeah, Votto has repeatedly and publicly stated that he had no interest in waiving his NTC. I haven’t seen him categorically state that he would veto any deal…only that he has no interest in leaving, which, I guess, leaves open the possibility that he could develop an interest in being traded….but yeah, I don’t see him leaving. With his contract, he probably doesn’t have much trade value, he’ll make $20M next year, then $22M, then $25M when he is 34 and 35 and 36 and 37 and 38 and 39…with a $20M option when he is 40, or a $7M buy out…..not sure that $157M for ages 34-39 Joey Votto is a great idea….you might break even on that deal, but I don’t see a lot of excess value given the risk.


      3. I don’t think he’d be a “great” value, but … would he be a better value than Chris Davis? Erm, yeah? Would he be a better value than Matt Adams plus a platooning sack of hammers?


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