The Midnight Snack – Musical Monday Edition

Hey, fam. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but there’s ain’t nothin’ goin’ on. This means that it makes it difficult to find tasty snacks. However, I go the extra mile for you.

What Can’t He Do?:  Bryce Harper. MVP. Hot with a bat. Part of one of the best team meltdown stories of the last year. And boy bander?

Like the best boy band members, B-Harp is handy with the lip synching. It was very sweet of him to serenade a young fan, though, even if he wasn’t the one doing the crooning.

Bat Flips! Jazz Hands!:  Unlike young Harper, the Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber actually does sing and dance. How well he does these things, I’m still not sure, but there’s video evidence of the Schwarb’s chorale experience. Depressing fact – the kid was still in high school in 2010. I already had my ten year high school reunion by that time.

Anyway, watch Chicago’s very own Babe Ruth impersonator dressed to the nines, bebopping to “The Carol of the Bells”.

12 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Musical Monday Edition

  1. Depressing fact – the kid was still in high school in 2010. I already had my ten year high school reunion by that time.

    by 2010 my high school graduation was 14 years in the past. That means I’m starting at 20 years come July next year. I wonder if they’ll try to do anything about it.


    1. In 2010, my high school grad was 30 years in the past… and I know I’m far from the oldest on this blog.

      Lets hear it from the really old farts…


      1. Since you asked so politely (cough), I’ll just note that 1971 was a good year. The Doors were riding a storm, Jerry Reed was hot, the Bee Gees were mending broken hearts and Carole King said it was too late, baby. James Taylor offered to be your friend, the Stones had a taste for brown sugar, and John Denver tooks us home down country roads, while Mr Bojangles danced a lick. What sticks in my mind, though, is arguably the sweetest, most melodic voice of all, Karen Carpenter, reminding us that rainy days and Mondays will always get you down (along with the off-season)…


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