Pete Rose Denied Reinstatement By Manfred

In a move that should be little surprise to most rational thinking people, Pete Rose was yet again denied reinstatement into Major League Baseball.  This time by new commissioner Rob Manfred.

Mr. Rose was barred from the sport in 1989 after M.L.B. concluded that he had bet on baseball games while managing the Cincinnati Reds and that some of the bets had been placed on his own team. At the time, Mr. Rose insisted he had not bet on the sport, although in agreeing to the ban he implicitly acknowledged wrongdoing on his part.

In the years that followed, Mr. Rose continued to deny he had wagered on baseball. But in a 2004 autobiography, he finally admitted to doing just that and to betting on the Reds as well, although he insisted that he had never bet on his own team to lose.

Other evidence emerged over time that pointed to Mr. Rose’s betting on baseball not just as a manager but also as a player. All the while, Mr. Rose, whose long playing career included 4,256 base hits, three World Series championships, three batting titles and 17 selections to the All-Star Game, has never given up hope that the ban would eventually be lifted, allowing him to appear on a Hall of Fame ballot.

The biggest problem I have with Mr. Rose is that he has lied every step of the way here, and still we have no idea if he is being truthful about his involvement in the gambling scandal that got him banned from MLB in the first place.  Mr. Rose follows a pattern of admitting further involvement and crimes, just as new evidence comes to light, then attempts to minimize his behavior.  He is a man who cannot be trusted.  He is interested solely in himself and in furthering his own personal wealth and agenda.  This is a man who took a job very recently to comment on the World Series, only to suddenly leave that position in order to follow another opportunity to make money, by singing autographs at a casino in Las Vegas of all places.  I have to wonder just how clueless this man really can be.  You would think that if a person was truly remorseful that he would stay as far away as possible from the lifestyle that got him into trouble in the first place.  But then again, I have to wonder if this man has ever bothered to contemplate the consequences of his actions, or rather does he simply jump to the first dollar he sees, regardless of the long term repercussions.

While many feel this person belongs in the Hall of Fame, and that’s a topic for another day, there should be little doubt that he has no business in the business of Major League Baseball.  The man is a cancer, a leach, looking to grab every nickel he can, refusing to fade away into the sunset.  Today, I stand up and salute you Mr. Manfred.  Today you made a very wise decision.  Let us all hope that Mr. Rose takes his cue and fades into the background.  You sir are not welcome here anymore.

ScoutsUpdate: You may find the full Commissioner’s statement in PDF form.  Below is an excerpt.

Most important, whatever else a “reconfigured life” may include, in this case, it must begin with a complete rejection of the practices and habits that comprised his violations of Rule 21. During our meeting, Mr. Rose told me that he has continued to bet on horse racing and on professional sports, including Baseball. Those bets may have been permitted by law in the jurisdictions in which they were placed, but this fact does not mean that the bets would be permissible if made by a player or manager subject to Rule 21.

“In short, Mr. Rose has not presented credible evidence of a reconfigured life either by an honest acceptance by him of his wrongdoing, so clearly established by the Dowd Report, or by a rigorus, self-aware and sustained program of avoidance by him of all the circumstances that led to his premanent ineligibility in 1989. Absence such credible evidence, allowing him to work in the game presents an unacceptable risk of a future violation of him by Rule 21, and thus to the integrity of our sport. I, therefore, must reject Mr. Rose’s application for reinstatement.”

26 thoughts on “Pete Rose Denied Reinstatement By Manfred

  1. This right here!
    The biggest problem I have with Mr. Rose is that he has lied every step of the way here, and still we have no idea if he is being truthful about his involvement in the gambling scandal that got him banned from MLB in the first place.

    And no one will ever convince me that his gambling only began after he went back to Cincinnati. You don’t “suddenly” develop a multi-thousand $ a day gambling habit.

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  2. Good thing you included rational thinking as a proviso to how people will react to this news, because you know there will be many who will react very irrationally.

    The Dowd report made it pretty clear he did bet on baseball as a player. Never betting against the team, even if true, does not amount to an excuse either. First there’s the simple fact that bettI got on baseball has been a banning offense since the aftermath of the Black Sox Scandal, with that rule and its consequences posted in every clubhouse these last 85 years. Second is that messages/insider information can be given to the gambling interests through the bookie by not betting every game or betting less some games than others.

    Still, there will be those why cry “using PEDs is worse!” Some will still claim “Pete Rose never cheated!” Both tend to get very angry with me when I point out Rose’s very well documented association with a steroids dealer (who actually lived in his house for a while), his referral of players to that dealer’s gym, the fact that he did use amphetamines which are also PEDs, and copies of newspaper articles showing X-rays of his corked bat.

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  3. Ole’ Pete has never stopped gambling and has no remorse. He could have easily bet against his own team. Listen to the things he says and tell me that would be crazy. He’s just a terrible person and pretty much always has been.

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  4. Over on HBT, most of them are going nuts over Manfreds decision. I seriously doubt that any of the whiny bitches read the press release that Craig put up. Had any of the tools read it, a rational person would know that being banned from the MLB doesn’t preclude you for being a HOF. That’s entirely on the BBWAA and the Hall.

    Manfred himself stated that! Instead you just get comments getting dumb and dumber, I don’t know why I bother sometimes. You peeps have to post more!

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    • MLB does not run the HoF, but the commissioner is one of the Hall’s board of directors and thus does have direct input. Seeing as Fay Vincent blamed Rose in part for Bart Giamatti’s death, I’ve no issue with the idea that the commissioner’s office did push the Hall’s “Pete Rose Rule.”

      As for the BBWAA, they were not part of the rule making, and if Rose were ever reinstated, it would be the modern era veterans committee that would decide upon his induction .

      On the other hand, Rose has nobody but himself to blame due to his own actions despite knowing exactly what the consequences of getting caught would be and gets no sympathy from me.

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    • As usual I agree with you…..BUT…even bigger BUT…per Manfreds lawyers statement, Manfred is at least implying that they are NOT the reason the warthog isn’t in the HOF! It had to do with both Seligs and Manfred predecessors and you can safely imply all the backroom shenanigans they had to do back then. I feel zero empathy in my tiny feelbox for that sociopathic, unrepentant, degenerate gambling fuckstick in this life or any other!

      Even if I come back as a cockroach, I will be more evolved than that pasty faced little lying cocksore!

      FUCK YOU Rose, set up your little cheap card table, with your cheap cologne, with your Wal-Mart knock-off Reds Cap and your cheap generic markers that fades the day after some well intended fans who still hold out hope of you being the hero you portrayed yourself as, but no…you gotta make hundreds on your illegible doctor scratches with the wrong names on them, because it’s all about YOU!

      Guess what Pete? You will always be on the outside looking in.
      After he is off this mortal coil…well…then let’s induct least we won’t have to endure his self-proclaimed antihero diatribe on how he was fucked over.

      I’ve read dozens of stories about this ambulatory canker sore and It makes the hate more fulfilling! Fuck him and all his fans!

      Unless anyone of you can give me a reason to change my mindset, you guys I trust, your opinions I trust, your criticism I trust!

      Just let it be known if my unhinged diatribe against him doesn’t spell out my hatred of him than you just skipped to the bottom of my comment just to defend him. Either way you have an uphill battle!

      Just for the record, I don’t have a problem with PEDS as they weren’t illegal to ingest until 2003, so apples/oranges don’t muddle up the conversation with that please. If you’re interested in a debate about Rose though I will listen.


  5. Rose isn’t dumb. He knows his best chance to get the ban lifted is for pressure from fans to coerce the Commissioner to cave in. Hence, he caters to them and works the crowds in Vegas, etc. Nothing is more important than those signing events, because that’s his only hope of getting back in. It sure won’t be because he’s found innocent of breaking the rules.

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    • 11 of the 15 members of the HOF’s current board of directors is either formerly or currently involved in MLB, including 4 former players and The Commish. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell of Pete getting the HOF, even if one of the board -looking at you, Joe Morgan- is a supporter.

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  6. Anyone who bets on a sport and doesn’t bet both sides is a stupid gambler. He bet both sides. And his pattern of progressive revelation by lies has done him far more harm than good.

    And it is clear that he is a stupid man who is very talented at playing baseball.

    And I wonder how people come to the argument that PED’s are worse? A guy who takes PED’s is trying to use an edge to win. A gambler calls the whole integrity of the game into question – you don’t know if he is trying to win or lose.

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    • The “PEDs are worse” crowd feels that way because they like Pete Rose, don’t like what Barry Bonds to to certain records because they don’t like Barry Bonds, and certain segments of the media portray it that way/pander to those feelings.

      I hate to describe it so simplistically, but those are basically the reasons. It’s not due to which has caused actual harm to MLB’s income since PEDs have never hurt the bottom line and gambling has. It’s also not because the more important records fell due to PEDs since only gambling ever caused a World Series to be thrown.

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  7. Has Rose ever been jailed before? Gambling in Baseball is one heck of a crime there… The integrity of the game is probably in shambles right now with the number of Baseball athletes doing this… A crime such as this deserves a couple of years or more in prison… Some players in the Asian leagues were already jailed due to casino gambling and sports betting.


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