Giants Land Cueto

Johnny Cueto has made his decision, and it was to join the San Francisco Giants, agreeing to a contract that will pay him 130 mil over the next 6 years.

The Giants have made a late splash this off-season after signing Jeff Smardzija just last week. Cueto joins Smardzija, Bumgarner, Matt Cain, and Jake Peavy in a suddenly stacked rotation.

Cueto who’s stock took a dip after last season struggles went 11-13 with a 3.44 ERA, 176 K, 117ERA+, and a 1.132 WHIP last season.

20 thoughts on “Giants Land Cueto

  1. Nice work on Jeff’s name. I generally throw my keyboard at the wall and use whatever it gives me when I discuss him at any length.

    I think both are happier in the NL numbers-wise…

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      1. Oh, I get it now.

        You are trying to increase the views this site gets, and by intentionally misspelling Samardzija’s name, your “typo” lands higher on google search results made by people who also happen to misspell his name in exactly the same way.

        You are a clever one…


    1. Timmeh and Cain will share a spot in the rotation, because at least one of them will always be on the DL. Not that either of them will actually be any good while they are healthy…

      1. No, total add-on. Kinda like paying for the Zeibart (sp?) treatment on a carwash, it’s just fucking wax, it wears away as soon as your car is engulfed in a half-inch puddle. But fuck it, my drive train will last three days longer as long as I avoid puddles.

        Honestly, It won’t surprise me if he breaks even for that contract, even if you count today’s price with what Harper will get in 2018/9 depending on your source. I like that contract for that pitcher. Would do again, many, many times!

        I’m of the opinion that this will be the contract we talk about in ten years and we don’t hate it.


      2. You may be right, but wouldn’t the cardinals rather be burdened with that contract? Or would you rather overpay for Greinke? Don’t get me wrong but I bet that the Cueto deal is one we look back on fondly. Just a gut feeling!


    1. Given the price of top pitching, this was a steal. I fully agree, much like the Heyward deal there are few teams that shouldn’t have been able to top this offer.


      1. I just wrote this note elsewhere, but will make sure you guys don’t miss me. Cueto, I worry about the mileage on that elbow. If it comes back okay this year (He has pitched a cr**load the last couple of years, then the Dwarves got a bargain.
        For Samaaru[roaf+*! (whatever), the price wasn’t high. We will just have to see if he was really “Tipping his pitches” (Right!) last year. But he could stage a comeback. In which case the Dwarves did very well.

        Between the Snakes and the Dwarves, the Dodgers could feel the heat this year.


      2. Contracts are insured, so injury really just puts them out 20% + the cost of a replacement pitcher. Yes it sucks for the team but its not a good reason to avoid signing someone especially when they can get them below market like this.


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