The Midnight Snack – Friday

And Poof! He’s Gone:  All around good guy and amateur magician Michael Cuddyer is retiring. He gives up $12.5 million for next season by retiring in the middle of his contract, unless the Mets offer him some sort of payout as a goodbye present. No word as to why Cuddyer is hanginmcuddlesg it up, but in the last few years he has been injury prone. Also, Cuddles is 36 years old, the same age I am. However, time has not been kind to him and he looks a lot older than he actually is.

Now that Cuddles is retiring, perhaps he can become the world’s best bar mitzvah magician, or he can sell prints of his beautiful photography at farmer’s markets.

The Flow Is No More:  Lost in all of the hullabaloo of Zack Greinke signing with the Diamondbacks is the fact that he cut his hair.

Here’s the Greinke we saw all last season:


And here’s the newly shorn ace in his desert habitat:

That’s the ZG I know. Welcome back, dude.

8 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Friday

  1. Is it just me or does it look like neither TLR or Stewart want to be there?

    Tony looks hungover and smug at the same time!

    Dave looks like he’s gonna jump up and strangle the first reporter who question his
    acumen as a G.M.

    ZG looks like he just farted and is trying not to laugh.


    1. Slappy, TLR was probably working off a three martini snack break.

      ZG always looks like that. That’s why I love that guy!


        1. I nearly snorted Coke out of my nose, and that would have hurt like a mf’er.

          He’s probably OD’d on scorpion bite anecdote.


  2. Goodbye to a class act. Great article he wrote. And walking away from 10+MM$ he could have loafed his way through.

    Have a good life, Michael.


  3. Did you all know that I’ve got superpowers? I’m a photopath, which means I can read the thoughts that people were having at the moment they had their picture taken. (Not terribly useful in combat, which is why I never made it on to any of the main X-Man or Avenger teams).

    You don’t believe me?

    Alright, I’ll prove it.

    Stewart – Somebody farted.
    LaRussa – One of you fuckers farted.
    Grienke – singing Toot, toot, toot, poot, poot, poot, I’ve got air in my poopshoot.


  4. Cuddyer is a class act all the way and one of the opposing players I always admired, for exactly the reason he closed his Tribune article with – he gave it everything he had.

    You guys are all wrong. Tony is dead, that’s an embalmed body if I’ve ever seen one, no kidding.

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