Filipino-American Boy’s Special Baseball Glove Stolen

b4s_lostglove121015a_16420880_8colThis story is in honor of our friends in the Philippines, and the special bond that unites us.

A 9 year old Filipino-American boy, Julius Pfau, living in Tampa owned a very special baseball glove, reports the Tampa Bay Times. It was a gift from his grandfather 3 years ago, who arrived from the Philippines 20 years ago to the United States with nothing. The thumb of the glove is embroidered with the kid’s baseball nickname, “Pacman Pfau”, because when “he is on the field, he eats the ball up.” Children are awesome.

A month ago, Julius’ father car was broken into, and $1,000 worth of baseball equipment, including the priceless glove was stolen. You see, Julius’ grandfather suffered a stroke soon after he gave Julius the glove, and that glove is the bond that unites them.

Julius’ dad was surprised that Julius did not have a glove on his Christmas list this year. Julius said he is determined to get his special glove back. Some well-meaning people who have heard this story have offered replacements, but no deal. Julius wants his glove.

It’s a long shot, but a few of you who read this blog live in Florida. If you’ve seen that glove, call (813) 402-6422.




7 thoughts on “Filipino-American Boy’s Special Baseball Glove Stolen

  1. I’m not in FLA but sending my good and hopeful thoughts along. The fact is we humanize inanimate objects for the connections we have between the object and our best memories. That’s why we “love” that shirt/car/old WS ticket. I’m sure innumerable adults have counseled Pacman about the improbability of recovery, and I applaud his steadfastness – for what are any of us, without hope?


    1. I have my dad’s baseball cap, the one he wore to walk the dog. My dad has since died. I love that cap.

      Barring the glove’s destruction, it still exists. Hopefully, some kind person will return it.


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