The Midnight Snack – Old Bay Flavored Edition

If you’ve been reading HBC since the beginning, there’s a few things you know about me. One, I love mascots. Two, I am a huge fan of Mike Mussina. Today’s Snack is a lovingly crafted tribute to both.

mike-mussina birdlandAll Moose, All The Time:  I can’t believe I didn’t post anything about this yesterday since it was the Moose’s birthday, but all this talk about guys we think should be in the Hall of Fame made me think about how great Mike Mussina really was. Our friends over at Cut4 agree with me, because they posted this sweet article about Mussina striking out 15 dudes in a 1997 playoff game. Moose was killer during that game. There were some insanely good batters that he was facing, and yet he sat them down like children.

I know Baltimore ended up losing the game, but that is a pretty awesome feat. And I also know that he spent just as much time in New York but for some unknown reason Mike Mussina will always be an Oriole to me.

And speaking of Orioles…

Bird(land) Is the Word:  I follow lots of mascots on Twitter. Some of them, like our old friend Orbit, is a well established (yet friendly) troll. Some of them – T.C. Bear of the Twins, for example – are cheerful and fun. Today, another mascot entered the fray, and I, for one, am excited to see what he does in the wild world of tweets.

Ladies, gents, non-binary friends, I offer to you – The Oriole Bird. Already he has been chirping with other mascots and talked trash to Wally, the Green Monster. Love it.

The Bird, too, is a friend of Moose:

What’s cool is that the Bird has already chatted with me on Twitter. Yes, I sent him a message, I am a friend to all mascots.

Here’s hoping for some really exciting Seattle news lately so I can write a love letter to Mariner Moose.

14 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Old Bay Flavored Edition

  1. So I keep reading about the offer(s) made to Chris Davis and the “asking” price imposed by Boras. As a masochistic O’s fan, there is no real way this can end well, right? You can’t give him 7/170 and expect anything not rationally a disaster. You have to let him walk, don’t you?


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