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I’m going to try to fill in for Histo’s talented shoes today as she’s out for a little bit with a computer emergency.

There isn’t much free agent or trade news going on so far today, although we all know that can change in a moment.  Chris Davis’ asking price is starting to get out of control and Baltimore’s apparently walked away from the table.  Thing is, while Davis may be the biggest power bat on the market, there doesn’t really seem to be that huge of a market for him at the moment.  He may need to reevaluate his bargaining position.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

If you like fights, and who doesn’t, here’s a interesting article I found today on the 12 best fights of the year.  Discuss.


37 thoughts on “Random Baseball Conversation

      1. If those TV show commentators in the background didn’t put up some ridiculous tsukkomi’s and cartoonic noises there, this vid wouldn’t have been funny… I should’ve posted this one instead of that.

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      1. Indeed. Seems odd that he’s basically shitting on player that “his” team has made clear is their highest priority of the offseason.

        Maybe he’s got some inside info that Heyward is going to sign with the Cubs and he’s just getting a jumpstart on the rest of the Cardinal fans that will soon be turning on Heyward

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    1. Never mind the fact that Heyward is better than just “good”, I saw this on twitter the other day and it makes a lot of sense:

      In case it doesn’t imbed, basically if you think A: that players aren’t getting paid enough compared to the revenue MLB is now bringing in, then B: why do we keep saying “Player X got an awful contract (because he got paid too much)?”

      $12-15M a year for an average player is probably a bit too low, especially if the player is relatively young. [Collectively] We’re going to go nuts when Harper signs a $50M AAV contract at 26, but if MLB revenues are breaking 10B a year, is it really crazy that the one of it’s best players is getting paid that (little?) much?


      1. I never believed he wasn’t an option for trade bait in the first place. Much like the Freddie situation, I’ll believe it when I see it.

        He’s the only real thing of value on that team. No one’s going after Braun.


      2. If he’s not on the block, he sure as shit should be.

        Brewers aren’t going to be contending in this division in the next two years, and Lucroy’s exceedingly affordable with his $4M cost in ’16 and $5.25M club option in ’17. If you can’t use that to get yourself a couple decent prospects/projects for a rebuilding club, then you are doing something very wrong.

        And now that I’m really thinking about it, I might very well be on board with a Lucroy-for-Montero type of deal. Let Milwaukee eat a bit of money and give them someone like McKinney and/or Vogelbach to use as a building block for the future.

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      3. Lefty – 100% agree. Lucroy is an excellent framing catcher and he works well with all sorts of guys. He was well liked by the World Baseball Classic pitching staff. Plus when healthy he adds a nice bit of pop to your lineup.

        The only thing is that pesky big toe issue from early last season. But by now he should be ready to go.


    1. Oh, doorknob, please, no. Like Scout said yesterday, fuck no on the idea of Davis, and Boras wanting $200M for him.

      If the Cards are finding the need to spend $200M anyway, I know who of those two I want it spent on.


      1. I’ve seen some rumblings that the Cardinals want power. Hence Davis instead of Heyward.

        Using the basic equation that 85% of everything said during the Winter Meetings is bullshit, you can decide how much stock to put in to that particular bit of…whatever it is…as you like.


  1. Here’s a surprise topic, guys. Ken Giles to Astros. Jeffie Luhnow gets his high arm speed closer. The price is relatively high, but seems likely a win-win.

    Vince Velasquez. I hate to see him go. As they said on the radio this morning, he has the capability to be Giles. But Giles is already Giles. Vince has more raw stuff than McCullers, but had injuries and developed more slowly. So McCullers stays, Vince goes. Velasquez will be a MOR starter or a stud reliever if he can improve his control.
    Brett Oberholtzer. Meh. Might have been the #5 at best on the Astros staff. He seemed to soil his nest after he threw at ARod. It was pretty bush league, but I’m surprised management made so much out of it. Not a big gain or loss.
    Derek Fisher. The sleeper. #8 on the Astros prospect chart. A corner outfielder with good speed and somewhat above average power. They drafted two more outfielders in the first round of 2015. That must have made him expendable. Could easily be a regular in two years.
    I know nothing about Eshelman. He was the Astros second round pick in 2015 (meaning their fourth pick overall). Per press releases, he is a college pitcher, polished for his age, and projects MOR to BOR potential. But he’s a Phillie now.

    So one high potential rookie-type, one journeyman, one top 30 prospect, and one they don’t know about yet. The good news for Astros fans is that they kept their pitching and corner infield prospects more or less intact. That is important.


    1. I like that Giles deal quite a bit. He’s already good and comes with a lot of team control.

      Not as big of a fan of Sapp, but he was probably the best FA RP after O’Day.

      That’s a lot of stability for that bullpen.


    2. Yeah, they still need a lefty reliever and then someone to compete with Feldman for the #5 job. But there is talk of bringing Kazmir back. If they keep in mind that 200 innings appears to be a bit much for him, I think that would be a reasonable deal. He would like to stay in the Houston area.


      1. Being the skeptic that I am, I figured that it would be a pretty self-serving publication, with the athletes’ egos fully on display. I have been pleasantly surprised by the less-than-low level of their articles.


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