Your 25 best non-HOFers?


Graham Womack, who used to send stuff to FKAHBT, has a poll open where you can vote on your 25 best players not in the Hall. Voting details are at that link.

Ignoring the issue of steroids, Simba, per the mug, comes to my mind.

And, while not quite as good as Simmons, Bill Madlock wasn’t bad.

And, with the match to gasoline of the Mad Hungarian, Al Hrabosky, that provides the excuse for this classic fight video:

38 thoughts on “Your 25 best non-HOFers?

      1. As far as guys who ought to be in and aren’t, I’m sure everyone knows my choice. I’ve mentioned him a few times. Lol


        1. My (bracketing out alleged and likely steroiders) is:

          Alan Trammell
          Bobby Grich
          Bret Saberhagen
          Chet Lemon
          Dave Parker
          David Cone
          Dick Allen
          Edgar Martinez
          Fred McGriff’
          George Foster
          Harold Baines
          Jeff Bagwell
          Jim Edmonds
          Larry Walker
          Lou Whitaker
          Luis Gonzalez
          Luis Tiant
          Mike Mussina
          Mike Piazza
          Reggie Smith
          Rick Reuschel
          Ron Guidry
          Ron Cey
          Tommy John
          Tony Oliva

          A couple of points to note.

          Sadaharu Oh, as well as Pete Rose, as well as Shoeless Joe, aren’t currently eligible for the Hall, so I left them off. If we remove that technicality, I’d boot Foster, Baines, and Guidry.
          To get in Bonds and Clemens, who I have bracketed out, Oliva and Cey would probably come off next.


      2. So….if I had to guess just from your list and nothing else, I would say you are between 53-55 yrs old. All hail the 70’s!


        1. I was going to say 50-55…then thought 52-55 would be more impressive if I was right…and then went ahead and narrowed it to 53-55.

          I was close.

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  1. Having put next to no thought into it and possibly missing guys because of the length of the list:

    Alan Trammell
    Barry Bonds
    Bobby Grich
    Curt Schilling
    Dwight Evans
    Edgar Martinez
    Jeff Bagwell
    Jim Edmonds
    Kenny Lofton
    Kevin Brown
    Lou Whitaker
    Mark McGwire
    Mike Mussina
    Mike Piazza
    Rafael Palmeiro
    Roger Clemens
    Sammy Sosa
    Ted Simmons
    Tim Raines
    Willie Randolph
    Dick Allen
    Jeff Kent
    Ken Griffey Jr.
    Larry Walker
    Pete Rose


      1. I just kinda went through real quick and pulled guys I though should be in the HOF, and then went back through and pulled guys I thought I had a good argument for being in, and then went back and pulled the remaining guys I thought might be among the best left until I hit 25.

        I’m not saying that all of those guys should be in….just that they are among the best 25 not already in the HOF. Because I didn’t look at any numbers at all, I probably favored guys from my generation (80s to now) as opposed to guys from previous eras….and some positions, like catchers or relievers are just tough to place without doing some actual work….I think, in general, catchers are probably really under rated considering the beating they take and value their defense provides.


      2. Well, it just said “best players”….so I ignored everything else….lots of jackwagons are really good at basing balls.

        If it was “who should be in the HOF that isn’t?” the list would have been shorter and had Buck O’Neil on it.

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        1. After looking up Buck, ignore all of what used to be posted here. I was mixing up Buck with someone else in my brain. Now I need to figure out who I was actually thinking of…


        2. I used the link to the list of 200.

          I passed over Oh because I really have no idea how to compare him to MLB players of his era.

          It was also appears to have been restricted to HOF eligible players…so nobody retired < 5 yrs ago or active.


        3. Oh…I get ya….I just kind of skimmed through the list…there were names I didn’t recognize that may have been negro leaguers….but I admit, I don’t know enough about any of them to have a strong opinion.


        4. True dat; as noted on my list, if we’re talking 25 best, whether eligible for the HOF or not, Sadaharu Oh goes on the list. Shoeless Joe does, too. Pete Rose? Yes, I guess so.


      3. Okay, Paper. I made my wise ass comment. Having said that, a superficial look suggests that it is a very good list. Some of my favorite also-rans, too. And one thing that has to be fixed: I’m a big fan of Craig Biggio, but no way he should have gone into the HOF before Bagwell.

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      4. I wish I could remember off the top of my head the absolute jellyfish-brained moron who voted for Jack Morris and Jack Morris alone, leaving Maddux off of his ballot. That’s a person who can kindly impale himself on a jagged, rusty pipe. Hard.


    1. I want ONLY one change..( otherwise I agree with 24 of your picks ) can we substitute Fred Lynn for shilling? He was my favorite growing up and while shilling may have a better case, fuck shilling with a honey badger with rabies and diarrhea!

      I know I didn’t capitalize shilling, but fuck shilling with the aforementioned mammal!

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      1. No! I’m not going to start pulling people out of the HOF to change how I feel today, that would be ruling by fiat. What I’m suggesting is getting a person who has a borderline case and having people who are smarter than I to debate for my pleasure in front of me so I can dismiss their own arguments out of hand all the while basking in adulation from getting them to do it!

        Damn, you can be SO thick sometimes! 🏆


      2. Professor- I think that your mind is the sexiest part you, you are SO much better than what you look like in the mirror, you are beautiful for the choices that you make and by that which reject! You are also a VERY GOOD writer

        I’m willing to bet I’m not alone in this case, once you posted against people who didn’t understand that “girls…ooh cooties” could not only post informed opinions on what WAS a predominantly male circle jerk, but be right, well you and Historio, Inda put the nail in the coffin of standard bro shit.

        For that reason alone I have all your backs.

        Love all of you haughty bitches…kidding.haha

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      3. Slappy, it’s an honor to know you, kind sir. 🙂

        Attractiveness is enhanced by intelligence and a sense of humor, two things I actually /do/ have. And I have been told that I am at my most attractive when discussing pitching, so I’ve got that going for me, too. LOL

        Also, I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment re: Curt Schilling. I wouldn’t cross the street to spit on him if his ass were on fire.

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  2. OK here goes nothing
    Alan Trammell
    Barry Bonds
    Bill Madlock ( the other maddog)
    Buck O’Neill
    Fred Lynn
    Curt Flood
    Dale Murphy
    Joe Carter
    Vida Blue
    Tony Oliva
    Ted Simmons
    Roger Maris
    Ron Guidry
    Roger Clemons
    Denny McLain
    Don Baylor
    Edgar Martinez
    Fernando Valenzuela
    Larry Walker
    Orel Hershiser
    Mike Piazza
    Jeff Bagwell
    Mike Mussina
    Maury Wills
    Cecil Cooper.

    And people who should be in just because of their names.
    Cupid Childs
    Urban Shocker
    Spottswood Poles
    Indian Bob Johnson

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    1. Bless you for adding Dale Murphy. I love love love Murph. I know that the tail end of his career really ruined everything for him as far as his HOF chances, but my god, the first five years of his career were some of the best baseball seasons a man could have. If Sandy Koufax can get in on a handful of seasons, why not Murph? (This is a rhetorical question, I know why. But still. MURPH. <3)


  3. Aight. As usual, I’m going to preface this list by saying that it’s all my own personal opinion, that I am biased towards pitchers, I have a thing about old timey players, Junior Griffey is a shoo-in so I’m not adding him into the list, and I’m still putting in Roger Clemens even though I hate him more than I hate Satan himself. That being said, let’s do this thing.

    1. Alan Trammell
    2. Barry Bonds
    3. Billy Wagner (Closers traditionally get no love from HOF voters. Billy Wagner’s stats are as good, if not better, than almost any of the closers currently in the Hall. I don’t count Smoltz as a closer because he was unique in his case – dominant as a starter and a closer. No one else has that peculiar pedigree except maybe Eck, but Smoltz’s case is even more extreme.)
    4. Bret Saberhagen
    5. Buck O’Neil
    6. Dale Murphy
    7. Dave Concepcion
    8. David Cone
    9. Dom DiMaggio (I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. FIGHT ME. Or not. I would be here all day if I actually started talking about how underappreciated Dominic DiMaggio is. THE LITTLE PROFESSOR FOREVER.)
    10. Dummy Hoy (there needs to be more disabled representation in the Hall, plus Hoy is credited with creating the signal system still used today. AND he was a damn fine player despite being completely deaf. Let’s give the man his due.)
    11. Fred Lynn
    12. Fred McGriff
    13. Jeff Bagwell
    14. Joe Carter
    15. Johnny Sain
    16. Larry Walker
    17. Lee Smith
    18. Luis Tiant
    19. Mike Mussina
    20. Mike Piazza
    21. Roger Clemens
    22. Smoky Joe Wood
    23. Thurman Munson (had the makings of a Hall of Fame career and then died in a horrible accident. Based on his legacy, the impact his career had on the Yankees, and the ever-tantalizing question of “What Might Have Been” I believe Munson has a place in the Hall. Plus, there needs to be more catchers.)
    24. Tim Raines
    25. Trevor Hoffman (again, please see the diatribe about closers up above. However, Billy Wagner’s stats are better than Hoffman’s in many ways – the only closer who is above Wagner is Rivera.)


      1. haha, Historio once asked me if I was in my 80s because I mentioned my Victrola and glass records.

        Smoky Joe Wood was great, I don’t care.

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