This Week’s Slice of Pie (Holiday Edition)

Sorry that my weekly feature isn’t so weekly so far this orfseason(#Gatorisms4Life). It’s a depressing time of year for those of us that bleed baseballs, isn’t it? Why does the season end at all? Everyone knows the playoffs are a crapshoot so why not just have endless regular season play? Don’t give me your logic, Paper, I know what you’re thinking…;)

There’s not a lot to write about other than hot stove season things, which I find seem to taste quite a lot like poo in my mouth (Longfootlefty and DelawarePhilliesFan know what I’m talking about, amirite?). I’m happy some of the other authors are taking that on so I don’t have to. I just want March here, baby [please read this in Dick Vitale’s voice]!!! I want spring, flowers, mud and soggy grass. Most of all I want images of equipment bags, stories about dudes getting into awesome shape, teams talking about how it’s their year and that the roster never looked so good. I want baseball back, bad. Fuck.

But I digress…so who gets pie in the orfseason? Well everyone I suppose considering the two major pie-infused holidays we’re currently between. Okay, not everyone celebrates them, but I bet they still eat the damn pie. My point is that not all of them deserve that pie. I’ll tell you who deserves a slice of overly sweet, store-bought crusted, holiday-themed peppermint pie with a superfluous candy cane: YOU DO! The former HBT commenter squad that came over to write for this blog as well as the readers and commenters that have come along for the ride.* And boy howdy, let me tell you, we have a lot of pie to give out!

I won’t steal Scout’s thunder on the site’s statistics, but some of these are impressive and demand attention. Hardball Conversations, now just three months old, has had at least one visitor from 40 different countries. Hey, my dude or lady in Ukraine! Guam! Peru! Sweden! Egypt! Holler at us!**

In our short three months, we’ve seen 2,929 unique visitors (3000th gets a whole pie), over 39,000 views (although 95% are Historio checking back on comments to her stories so she can throw popcorn at us), and there have been over 9,000 comments (mostly trying to translate Gatorisms, I assume). Impressive to say the least.

All in all, it’s been a pleasure and an honor to be a part of this mini-movement. Also, I realize I’m not one of the more frequent posters around here, but I assure you that will change and that you will regret it. I have something pretty nifty I’m working on with a friend so stay tuned for content in the coming weeks from El Bravo. Until then, have some pie, you deserve it.

*A special shout-out scoutsaysweitersisabust (last time I’m writing that out) for putting this together. Our leader. Our hero to the masses. Okay, maybe that’s too much…

**A special shout-out to one of our most active authors, Ren, who put the international touch on this blog and the results are clear in the data. Keep educating me, bro.

13 thoughts on “This Week’s Slice of Pie (Holiday Edition)

  1. Hey, ummm.. did you read what was in the parentheses that time I said I can spot your satire? I’m looking forward to what you have to write and think you’re funny as hell and I hope you and I are cool. Having said that, I think you and I can do a Vulcan mind-meld and have a great time bouncing ideas off each other if you are willing and want someone to bounce with. If this intrigues you, I would be Honored to help anyway I can!😊


    1. Yeah, in my egotistical need to latch on to the cool kids, I was remiss to tell scouts what a mensch he was to give us the gift that keeps on giving.
      Scouts, a sincere, iron clad no bullshit hard salute for not ONLY taking a on something that was out of your jurisdiction, you did it for such a small portion of posters that it makes you the class four friend!

      Friend class one;” Willing to sponsor you for a frat because because their Dad has a Car dealership too.”

      Friend class two; ” Willing to take you to the airport if it’s sunny, the traffic is non existent and you can guarantee that the astrologer who they pay 200/ week can keep the karma on the plus side!

      Friend class three; ” Now we’re gonna get serious, THESE are the people who committed to helping you move the baby grand in your seven floor walk up.

      Friend class four;” someone who’s not only going to help you move, they will move bodies to protect you.”

      Friend class five; apropos of nothing, do you have a lot of land?

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    2. I got some not so satirical stuff. Real analysis I tells ya. Okay, it’s real analysis, but with some flare. I’m going to post about it soon since this is something we can all chime in about. I bounced some ideas of a friend and he sent me a zillion page email so we must be on to something. Thing is, now I have to read it.


  2. So someone from Russia popped in today (that’s 41 countries) and the best part about that is the world map is twice as lit up. One person represents a whole lot of land mass on wordpress.

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  3. You are baseball deprived only because you wish to be. There’s plenty of winter ball action. Some of it can be quite exciting. Especially in the Caribbean. Lots of chest bumping, bat flipping, finger pointing at the sky (and at each other). I mean really, Baseball is an INTERNATIONAL sport. Heck they even play it in Australia.


    1. One can be absorbed in it but still be deep in the doldrums of the offseason, yearning for Spring. Sure, I suppose if I were IN the Caribbean…I don’t think they have doldrums there.


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