The Midnight Snack – Monday

I took a week off of slaving away over a hot stove computer keyboard. Of course, the week I choose to go off the grid so to speak is the week that the Hot Stove exploded into hot burning lava flames.

But I’m back! Celebrate! Make merry! And enjoy these little tidbits of awesomeness I’ve found online lately.

como estan bitches anchorman



Where beer does flow/And men chunder:  It’s summertime in Australia, where they are playing baseball. Lucky bastards. And this awesome thing happened the other day – a bullpen stare-off. You heard me. A BULLPEN FACEOFF. It lasted for innings. Innings. It didn’t end until a foul ball broke it up in the third.

Can you imagine this happening in the good ol’ USA? Don’t you think that would be the most fantastic thing in the world? I’d buy a ticket to see a bullpen staredown, honestly. Or an Anchorman-style reliever/closer fight. Papelbon would be the Luke Wilson of the group, I’m guessing – “I’m gonna straight up murder your ass.” Of course, now I wonder who would be Brick Tamland and who gets stabbed with a trident, because I am actually a 15 year old boy.

No starting pitchers. No mercy!

So, This Is Cool:  How many of y’all are products of a Nickelodeon childhood? I am (mildly. I watched it in the summertime when I was visiting my grandparents). One thing about Nick that was super cool during the 80s and 90s was the plethora of awesome kids’ game shows. Everyone knows the immortal “Double Dare” and “What Would You Do?”, hosted by the equally immortal Marc Summers. On a lower level from these all time great game shows is “Figure It Out,” a show I never actually watched because it was on after I started going to college.

So while I (and possibly you) only watched Nick game shows on tv, Blue Jays star Marcus Stroman took it one step further and was on a Nick show. In fact, he won a prize on “Figure It Out”.  In the link, there’s photographic evidence of young Marcus’ appearance. The smile is exactly the same. It’s pretty neat. Not sure he’s fond of seeing a childhood photo of him plastered all over social media; I would probably die if my goofy chipmunk face with thick glasses and frizzy hair made the rounds online.


12 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Monday

  1. Oh dear… Given that Australia is hardly a hot bed of rampant patriotism, and fewer than 1 in 50 knows the words to the first verse of the national anthem (and nobody knows the second verse, let alone verses 3 to 5), I have to assume the Melbourne Aces bullpen is only doing this to distract from their team’s lousy record, currently a cellar-dwelling 10-18 half way through the season.

    Meanwhile, my ‘local’ team, the Canberra Cavalry are charging out front at 19-9. Go Cavs!

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    1. I’m jealous, we don’t know our anthem, we have no baseball, we’re not patriotic..more like xenophobic, your country did something about gun control, we want more people carrying so the death-toll will rise with today’s mass shooting,( and tomorrow’s, AND the day after) we have a
      wig wearing fascist leading the polls,( tbh, they are all fascists, one just is more dangerous) we have a lobbying group that is more powerful than
      the 600+ people who are lawmakers, etc..I could go on but I’m guessing that you’re aware of our many, many, many hypocritical stances.

      It’s now looking like the gop presidential candidates are trying to cut out the middle man and just make recruiting easier for Daesh. SMDH

      Sorry I went on a tangent, it wasn’t directed at you or your beautiful country. I happened to be watching the “news” while I was typing and got frustrated. I’m usually happy go lucky, well today I am ignoring my 10 o’clock rule! Bong rips and waffles for breakfast for me. Cheers


      1. Take a deep breath, Slappy. (Oops, no, cancel that suggestion). 🙂

        Don’t panic until the Brown Shirts start showing up at Trump rallies. I still don’t think we are primed to go that far. But I could be wrong.

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      2. Nah, some white boy will shoot up a black church. That will be unfortunate but we will come together and it will be all right.
        Or some white boy will shoot up an elementary school. That will be too bad, but they should have armed the six year-olds. (Unless it’s all a commie plot and didn’t really happen.)
        Or Batman will shoot up a movie theatre. Gosh, that’s too bad.
        Or another white boy will shoot up another movie theatre. Oh well.
        Or two kids will shoot up a high school.
        Or another kid will shoot up a middle school.
        Or black gangs in Chicago will shoot nine year-olds because their fathers are are in the other gang. What can you do?
        Or a Nazi will shoot up a mosque. People will secretly applaud.
        Or an evangelical will shoot up a Planned Parenthood clinic. Serves ’em right.
        Or a psycho will shoot up a campaign rally. Well, she was a Democrat.

        Or a Muslim will shoot someone. In that case we will close the borders, close the Mosques, and declare martial law.

        Gator thinks he is in a bad place this morning? He wouldn’t want to trade with me.

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      3. @stex- if I put you there, I’m truly sorry!😢 I’m taking out my frustration being COPO’ wingman on HBT and slaying one of his trolls. I feel like I’m actually doing something important, nothing is more important than making twelve year old crotch-fruits smash their laptops. At least for the next half hour, then I have to go grocery shopping. Cheer up, things will be worse tomorrow. Haha


      4. Nah. I just vented what I’ve been thinking since last night. We can get rid of Trump, but maybe it would be just a little better if we didn’t shoot each other so much.

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      5. No offence taken, Slappy. This local satirical take on the gun control issue might bring a smile in return:

        More seriously, we have our share of problems and many are a recognisable subset of those in the US. We also have an active gun lobby persistently pushing for relaxation of the current laws. At any point in time, we’re probably only a handful of political votes away from returning to where we were on guns 20 years ago.

        It’s somewhat comforting (?) to know we’re about as likely here to die by shark/snake/spider/croc/jellyfish as by GSW, but the odds are very slim either ways. But how’s this for perspective: In 2013, 35 Australians died via assault by firearm, while 1,920 died from a fall (and 44 of those fell out of bed). I better start watching where I put my feet…

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    2. Thanks for the reply. Your update gives me hope. It wasn’t too long ago when the biggest crisis in America was a blow job our President got from a star struck intern, and the right went batshit insane trying to crucify him and the horrible slut that felated him, the facts be damned!

      Turns out that the tool who got the ball rolling was a serial cheater who divorced his wife dying of cancer so he could marry his mistress whom he cheated on, the guy who was to be the prosecution also was a slimy bastard who had many skeletons in his closet, etc…

      Not that I blame you or your country, but things turned to shit the day Rupert Murdoch came ashore. The takeaway in my opinion, is he didn’t want what happened to your country ( freedom WHILE having sensible gun control, progressive policy on anything really) to happen here where his opinion and influence went unchecked and he made barrels of cash.

      I blame the right wing for a lot, but they got/get all their marching orders from Rupert and Aisles. I love the Simpson’s so I’m gonna give a pass on the animation blocks, but the other 22 hours a day that they put out poisonous lies, I am saddened by.


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