Shelby Miller To Arizona

a-shelby-millerThe Braves and the Diamondbacks are long time trade partners. Last year, they got Arizona’s premier pitching prospect, Touki Toussaint. This year, the haul’s even better.

Atlanta swaps Shelby Miller and minor league prospect Gabe Speier for three of Arizona’s squad, including their number one prospect, and one of the highest ranked prospects in all of baseball, Dansby Swanson. Also included in the trade are pitching prospect Aaron Blair and outfielder Ender Inciarte.

Miller was the jewel in the trade between St. Louis and Atlanta when the Braves no longer needed the services of Jason Heyward. He was a bright spot in a weak Atlanta team, and now he joins Zack Greinke and Patrick Corbin in what looks to be a suddenly hot Diamondbacks pitching rotation.

Inciarte batted .303 last season with six homers, 21 stolen bases and 73 runs. Blair, a right hander, had an ERA under 3 in combined double-A and triple-A ball last season.

Swanson, fresh off of an appearance in the College World Series for Vanderbilt, is one of the highest touted prospects in baseball. The shortstop batted .289 in 22 games in minor league ball this year.

32 thoughts on “Shelby Miller To Arizona

    • I think all the Miller trade did was have teams mock Arizona for being stupid. Any one of the 3 players traded for Miller would have been a solid center piece for 3 years of Miller…instead, they get 5 years of Inciarte, 6+ years of Blair, and 6+ years of Swanson. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if each of those players provide more value between now and when they hit FA than Miller does.

      Similarly, the Marlins would be lucky to get one of Urias or Seager in a Fernandez deal. Pitcher break and pitchers that already had a serious arm or shoulder injury tend to break more often. Non-stupid teams aren’t unloading their farm systems to take on that risk no matter the upside.


  1. Actually, thinking about this trade has led me to see the whole Zobrist/Castro “trade” in a more positive light.

    If this was the asking price for Miller, and other teams had similarly high price tags on their starters, then using Castro to get an upside arm in Warren looks a whole hell of a lot better, especially since the Cubs didn’t have to eat any of Castro’s contract. I personally think Castro’s last month was him turning a corner and that he will be a solid-to-good regular going forward, but if the team felt differently, then it’s easy to see how they would feel that Zobrist is an upgrade over Castro for at least 2016 and probably 2017.

    I think I’m talking myself into being OK with the Cubs’ business today. I’m damn sure happy with not paying this sort of price for Miller. What would have have even looked like? Baez, McKinney, Underwood, and Ian Happ? More? Screw that noise.

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    • LOL XD XD!! In all seriousness though, this deal is a pretty good one!! The Barves are not contending for next season anyways so having these kinds of prospects are nice IMO, not to mention they got the #1 pick of this years MLB draft!! IT’S A TOTAL WIN REN!!


    • You should be seriously super extremely freaking happy with that trade. Miller is a solid mid-rotation guy. Blair could be as good or better. Swanson alone has more value than the last 3 years of pre-FA Miller, and Enciarte is a solid play that plays good defense and has a league averagish bat.

      The Braves probably got twice as much from Arizona as any other team was willing to offer….maybe 3 times.


      • Yeah I know, I’m pretty happy though especially when Achaela posted that highlight video of Swanson. I just wanted to post that no compilation vid for some reason… Hehehe. 😉


    • Yep….pretty sure the AZ FO just has no idea what they are doing. Gave away Tousant…somehow mis-managed their draft pool money to actually leave guys unsigned and NOT spend all of their allotment. This trade is horrible. They may create a competitive window, but they are selling the future hard to do so.


      • So, Paper. Is this the Tony demonstrating he does not belong in the front office? I’m a bit baffled. Admittedly, one year of playoffs pays for a multitude of sins. And it must be tempting to do anything to wipe those arrogant smiles off of the Dodgers’ faces. And I even like Miller. I think he matured a lot this year, even if his peripherals suggest more of a solid #3 pitcher. You just moved him to a ballpark where those peripherals could come back to haunt them.

        And I might have been willing to trade Dallas Keuchel for that package.


        • Well, I mean….there is no evidence that Tony or Stewart have any of the skills necessary to run a modern baseball FO, is there?

          TLR had never worked in a FO before, and they are much more complicated using much more data than just 10 years ago.

          Stewart had worked in a FO a long time ago and then became an agent. Again, the data that go into player evaluations and the level of understanding behind player moves has greatly changed.

          There is a lot to suggest that they just have no idea what they are doing.

          I remember after TLR and Stewart were hired, someone asked Dave Cameron how long it would be until the Diamondbacks were competitive: he said something like, “Whenever TLR/Stewart are fired plus 5 years”. I think they are going to put all assets into winning now, fail…and then have a devastated farm system.


        • Plus…if they were willing to give up this package, they could have just called every team and said, “Hey, what can we get for X,Y, & Z” and got more than they did in return.


      • Hey, not having the skills, TLR at least worked in baseball for all of those years and was pretty successful. But when a dillettante like me can pick apart his moves, that can’t be a good thing for the Snakes.


        • I think the entire issue is valuing prospects. TLR and Stewart obviously value them less than others in baseball (or most fans).

          He was the same way in StL. Essentially, Dewitt himself decided that the organization didn’t value prospects highly enough or use the farm system effectively, hiring Luhnow himself (which pissed off both Jocketty and TLR) and taking drafting and player development responsibilities away from Jocketty. Eventually, TLR was forced to play nice when the next phase of the plan was enacted….getting the MiLB and MLB staffs on the same page…I think they made it clear that he could either get on board or leave.

          I think he still thinks like he did 10 yrs ago as a manager. Short-sighted.


        • In the end, this is just a bad trade…all FOs make bad trades from time to time…if you are going to trade, it is going to happen to you.

          To me, the inexcusable moves were selling Tousant just a year after paying his signing bonus and then mis-managing their draft so badly that they left money on the table with unsigned prospects. I mean…those are inexcusable actions.


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  3. The biggest change we’re likely to see between 2015 and 2016 Shelby Miller:

    In 2015, Miller faced Miami 6 times, Philladelphia 4 times, and the pre-deadline Mets once…that is 11 of 33 starts against horrible offensive teams.


    • And don’ forget the dreaded “Ballpark Factor.” Going from #18 to #8 for runs produced.

      Shelby was on my Fantasy Team for 2015 and was generally very profitable. He has to go on the bubble now.

      I’m debating the gravity of the same issue with David Price going to Boston. I was sure hoping for a nice NL team in a big ballpark.


      • Yep….AZ is generally among the top 5 most hitter friendly parks…going from essentially a neutral park to a very HR friendly park might not be pretty either.


  4. Am I allowed to be sad that the Phillies actually Rule 5 drafted Inciarte and could have had a solid OF at this time if they hadn’t given him back to Arizona. Lots of folks questioned the need for Carrera since they already had Inciarte…


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