Some FA’s from the Asian Baseball leagues heading to the US this off-season worth looking into

Here’s a roundup of players listed. The 2015 Winter Meetings are scheduled for December 7 to 10 in Nashville, Tennessee.


1.) Third baseman, Nobuhiro Matsuda, 32 years old… (average power, only have 2 seasons where he hit .300 or above in the NPB, have 2 seasons where he hit 20 or plus homers, this season is the only season so far he has hit 30 and above, average/above average defender)

This past season, Matsuda had a career-best 35 home runs and 94 RBIs. Over his 10-year career, he has 1,089 hits and a .277 average in 1,064 games. In this 2015 season, he hit .287 with 35 homeruns and 94 RBI’s, one of the 3 “thirty-threats”  in the Softbank lineup and the PL, alongside with Yuki Yanagita and Lee Dae-ho… (Only 6 players in the Pacific league managed to reach the 30 or plus homerun mark, 3 players who managed to hit 30 or plus are with Fukuoka…) The San Diego Padres are said to be the MLB team showing  interest in the 3rd baseman. His other stats in the NPB can be seen here.

(Matsuda’s complete HR highlights this 2015 NPB season…)

2.) Outfielder LF, Kim Hyun-soo, 28 years old… (well known spray hitter, that can also hit for both average and some power, average to above average defender)

In this 2015 season with Doosan, he batted .326 with 28 homeruns and 131 RBI’s in 141 games and 512 AB’s. His overall stats can be seen here… He’s also well known for his defense and range in the outfield… He can also play 1st base, but only as a secondary position. Jamsil stadium’s (his team’s and LG’s homefield) field dimensions are very similar to those in Major league stadiums, in all Baseball stadiums in South Korea, Jamsil stadium has the largest field dimension of them all… Which also he have great hitting statistics too when it comes to playing in their home field… Said to be attracting “multiple” interest from MLB teams. (Update: only his agent will handle things in the MLB’s 2015 Winter Meetings… The Oakland A’s are said to be “very” interested in the LHB outfielder)

(Kim’s homerun highlights this past 2015 KBO season)

3.) 1B/DH/3B, Lee Dae-ho, 33 years old… (a package at the plate, also well known for hitting balls to other parts of the field, average defense)

In Lee Dae-ho’s 11 seasons with the KBO Busan Lotte Giants, he smacked 225 homeruns and 809 RBI’s while having a BA.AVG of .309, and was the Triple crown winner in 2006 and 2010, also the three time batting champion and two time homerun king in the KBO league in those respective years, his NPB stats can be seen here. He was also the winner of the Japan Series MVP award (going 8 for 16 with 2 homeruns), and is so far the only South Korean player to do so… Lee will also head to the annual MLB Winter Meetings this December, Monday, local time, in Nashville, Tennessee, for approximately 4 days.

(Some of Lee’s highlights this past 2015 season)


The number 4th, closer Oh Seung-hwan, 33 years old… Is currently facing some “VERY” big trouble right now regarding about some alleged gambling when overseas…. The prosecution will summon Oh sometime this week for interrogation regarding about the alleged gambling (sources say he’s involved with Lim Chang-yong when overseas at Macau in the off-season…) During the investigation of Lim, a local gangster surnamed “Lee” was the one who introduced him to gambling dens in some areas in South East Asia… “Lee” rented VIP rooms in Macau and the Philippines (damn…)… and also helped gamblers there place bet with his money…

YTN said that the schedule for Oh’s summons is not in place yet… “Oh is currently at a very critical point of signing an MLB contract, and he wants to clear these allegations and suspicions as soon as possible… should he face interrogations, he will make clear and fully cooperate with the prosecutions investigation”, Oh’s agent said… The summons/interrogations will certainly be a huge blow to Oh’s dream to play in the Major leagues ( no doubt his Baseball career, if true)… He was scheduled to visit the MLB’s 2015 Winter meetings in Nashville, Tennessee in the US… but due to gambling allegations… He’ll have to put that one into hold…

(Oh’s 41st save this 2015 NPB season…)

Oh, who has the most saves in KBO history, went 2-4 and 39 saves with a 1.76 ERA in 64 games to win the best closer title for the Central League of the NPB and became the foreign pitcher with the most saves in Tigers history. For this 2015 season, Oh went 2-3 and 41 saves with a 2.73 ERA in 63 games. Although he did not win the Japan Series title in his stint with the Tigers, he set the most saves record for a Korean pitcher and tied the NPB single-season record for most saves by a foreign pitcher…


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