Royals Resign Chris Young

RoyalsJaysJS 10-20-2015 012Per our favorite source, the Royals and Chris Young have come to an agreement pending a physical for a two year, 11.75M contract.  The deal represents a pretty significant pay bump from the 675K contract Young held last season, so good for him and his family.

Young held a 3.06ERA, 83K, 123.1IP, 43BB with a 4.52 FIP and 1.086 WHIP last season for the Royals.

Young is now 36, and there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of his prospects for future success — he’s an extreme fly ball pitcher with mediocre peripherals and very little in the way of velocity. Those reasons existed before each of the last two seasons too, however, and Young succeeded despite them. Fangraphs’ Dave Cameron broke down Young’s success in a fascinating column earlier this year, noting that Young has demonstrated an ability to repeat a BABIP that is drastically better than the league average due to his extreme fly-ball tendencies and uncanny ability to induce weak contact.

One thought on “Royals Resign Chris Young

  1. I carried him for a while in Fantasy baseball, and it’s true what they say. He is crafty and often exceeds expectations.

    But when he gets lit up it’s a sight to behold.


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