David Price can suck our left…


‘Burgie and I are agreed on this one. Price is a lame suck-up to whatever fan base he’s with now. Hence, you get this schmucky statement:

Yeah, yeah, my ex tells his third wife she’s the best too.

giphy (2)

Anyway, if you weren’t helping the Rays or Tigers (or Jays) make it to and win in the postseason, Price, our response is YOU STINK! and totally let the door hit you in the ass on your way to Beantown.  Enjoy the massholes when you have a bad game, dude.

For reference, you might brush up on Justin Verlander’s response to lousy fans:

But, then again, Sox fans may be saving their cheering for someone with a winning record in the postseason (like Verlander).

Booooo!!!! Unfollow.

34 thoughts on “David Price can suck our left…

  1. Verlander needs to stop sucking as a pitcher. Price is finally happy, he’s got his money. I thought he handled it well.

    Boston media;” Welcome to Boston, glad to have you. Do you think that your post season record is horrible, or do you just suck?”

    Price;” Umm, excuse me?”

    BM;” I’m just wondering if you’d like to admit any war crimes, or have you eaten any babies today?”

    Price;” What???”

    BM;” On your former teams, you were zero and 56 in the post season, also have you stopped beating your wife?

    Price;” Umm, wait a minute, did you just ask if I’ve..”

    BM;” Is it true that big Papi boinked your sister, and can you explain your success in Fenway?”

    Price;” Wait..wait a minute, let’s go back to that other question, are you implying that I…?”

    BM;” When you were playing with Detroit, did you get the feeling that they were just gonna shit the bed, or did you think it was all the bullpens fault, also is your new pitching coach making you throw underhanded?”

    Price;” I…I…Wait…what?”

    BM;” Do you feel any sense of urgency to live up to this contract and finally win a game in the post season after losing 78 in a row, with a follow-up, are you currently a member of Nambla, and if so, can you sponsor me?”

    Price;” ?????????????????”

    BM;” Final question, knowing that you now have to talk to us, do you have any regrets about the significance of the Patriots loss last week and are you actively rooting against them, also, will you be throwing lefty or righty?”

    BM,;” gonna send it back to the studio….”

    Boston radio;” This guy sux, he wouldn’t even ansah anything, Gawd, what a piece of fack, howah much did we pay this losah? Sully, ahh you heahing me?”

    So……he’s got that going for him now, which is nice..I guess.

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