MLB Thinks Fans Don’t Know The Difference Between Mud And Mid

Imudsummer-classic‘m not sure how many people are fans of both NASCAR and MLB, but I’m pretty sure they are not stupid enough to show up to a race track in Ohio expecting the All-Star game.

Yes, the MLB has pressured Eldora Speedway of Rossburg, Ohio (pop. 200) to re-name a summer promotional that for the past three years has gone under the name “Mudsummer Classic,” alternately “Mud Summer Classic.”

It seems the name, which refers to a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race that takes place every summer on Eldora’s short-track dirt oval carved out of a cornfield, sounds a little too much like the “Midsummer Classic,” MLB’s nickname for the annual Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Which, we should point out for those of you who are confused, is an annual professional baseball game that takes place in a different major-league ballpark every summer, and has nearly nothing to do with racing 450-hp pickup trucks around a dirt track.

You know, I get that you have to protect your property and all, but this seems to be a little extreme. Is there anyone who honestly is going to go to a little town in Ohio expecting to see the All-Star game because they misunderstood the difference between Midsummer Classic and Mudsummer Classic?  For their part, the officials at Eldora seem to be taking the hit in stride.

In a statement, Roger Slack, the general manager of Eldora Speedway, expressed a heartfelt apology to fans who may have been confused by the similar-sounding names: “We hope all of the baseball fans who traveled to Rossburg, Ohio the past three years in anticipation of the MLB All-Star Game enjoyed the race and the $2 beers​.”

10 thoughts on “MLB Thinks Fans Don’t Know The Difference Between Mud And Mid

  1. I’m surprised NASCAR caved to Commissioner Corleone. It’s got about as big a following as baseball, and nobody’s ever accused the France family of lacking cojones. Wonder if the local track caved in without checking in down in Florida?


  2. Hey person who likes NASCAR racing and not baseball; “Do you want to see the Midsummer classic ?”

    ” Oh, you mean the race in Ohio?”

    Hey person who likes baseball and not NASCAR ; ” Do you want to see the Midsummer classic?”

    ” Oh you mean the race in Ohio?”

    Hey person who likes both; Why do you like both? What’s fucking wrong with you?


    1. I’m semi-demented, that’s what’s wrong with me. What’s wrong with you? You like both concussion-ball and designatedhitter ball. You have no room to cast aspersions at other multi-sports afficianados, you Maineiac, you.

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      1. Michael Jordan made me a basketball fan. I don’t watch it much anymore, when I do it isn’t the Celtics. I always thought that Bird was over rated, but many who knows more about basketball tell me I’m wrong.


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