Mariners Sign Nori Aoki

Yesterday the Mariners created some salary relief with the trade of Mark Trumbo.  Today it looks like that extra money was burning a hole in their pocket as the Mariners have signed free agent outfielder Nori Aoki to a one year contract with an additional team option year.

The Mariners now have an all left handed hitting outfield with center fielder Leonys Martin and corner outfielder Seth Smith.  It is expected the Mariners will finally be able to assign Nelson Cruz full time DH duties.

Last season, Aoki hit for .287/.353/.380/.733 with 5 Home runs in 93 games for the Giants.

3 thoughts on “Mariners Sign Nori Aoki

  1. I do love his enthusiasm. He won’t have the homers of Trumbo, but all his non power stats say they will be better off. With Nori’s sense of humor MAYBE he can cure Cano of the sads?


  2. Well, that is a defensive upgrade by realignment, and I’m venturing that whatever the contract is, it’s less than Trumbo was going to get. And so, they’ve still got money to look at the world of free agent shortstops.


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