The Curious Case Of Yasiel Puig

PuigI know, I know, I’m a little late to the party, but you’ll excuse me as this happened over Thanksgiving break, and it’s been pretty busy since then.

It seems that on the night before Thanksgiving, Yasiel Puig was involved in an altercation at a bar that involved his sister and the bouncer of said bar.  Most news reports labeled this as a “brawl“.  As it turns out, it ended up being little more than a little pushing and shoving and maybe a fat lip. The police consider the matter closed.  Not exactly what most would consider a brawl, but then again, this is the spawn of Satin we are talking about, Yasiel Puig, known bat flipper extraordinaire. Of course, now all the Puig haters are coming out of the woodwork, beating their chests, demanding that the Dodgers trade Puig.  Because of…um…reasons.  Puig has come out and blasted reports as being overblown.

jose-reyesMLB is “investigating” the incident, all while completely ignoring the Jose Reyes situation.  You know the one I’m referring to.  The one where he beat his wife in a Maui hotel.  Yea, that one.  I mean, who really cares about that, when you have a kid involved in a shoving match at a bar!  I mean, the humanity of it all!  So, why is it exactly that Jose Reyes is getting a pass in the media, yet Yasiel Puig is getting wall to wall TMZ coverage.  Both are men of color (Puig is Cuban, Reyes is Dominican).  Both have played in high profile markets.  (Reyes in New York, Puig in L.A.)  Puig seems to always be the center of some media overblown controversy.  So what the hell?  Why do we care about violence against women when it’s a Running Back or a Defensive Lineman, or an LA Outfielder, but we don’t give a shit when it’s a Short Stop hidden away in Colorado?

So what’s the deal MLB?  When are you going to act?  How long is your “investigation” going to take?  In case you have been asleep, Reyes has already been arraigned, yet Puig who was never charged with anything, didn’t even make it home before everyone was kicking in his front door, playing judge, jury, and executioner.

In case you forgot Mr. Manfred, you have a handy, dandy, brand spanking new Domestic Violence Policy for just such an occasion, one that allows discipline independent of criminal conviction.  MLB, It’s time to get your priorities in order. The last thing you want is to turn into the NFL.

ScoutsEdit, Fixed Typo.  Satin should have been Satan.

Historio Edit — Typo restored. We have our Dog Fister!


20 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of Yasiel Puig

  1. Is MLB ignoring what Reyes did, or just taking their time investigating it? Given that it’s the offseason, they have the luxury of being thorough on this, and I think that’s the right thing to do here. If Reyes starts playing next season because they’re dragging their feet and haven’t made a ruling one way or another, that’s a different story, but I have little issue with them being deliberate now.

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    1. Why the rush to investigate Puig though? They didn’t move that fast on Reyes, and the evidence seems more substantial to start with there.

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      1. They (MLB) went into investigatory frenzy when it was reported- Inaccurately_ that he had “shoved” his sister. The reporting agency – I believe it was TMZ-, in their rush to publish, couldn’t wait to get the facts. They (TMZ) only knew they had a great big juicy morsel of celebrity outrageousness. And MLB hasn’t helped themselves by not declaring their investigation closed.

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  2. More seriously, why is it that the media went bananas (including TMZ) to find dirt on the Puig incident and gin it up, when with Reyes they just all reprinted the bare bones arrest record. Heck, fkaHBT didn’t even post the 911 call (which I did for a reason). No media outlets have carried interviews with the security staff or anyone else that may have witnesses the Reyes incident. That one is getting the super-confidential treatment. What I don’t get is why the difference and why they aren’t digging more on Reyes. It’s like the Baylor thing again.

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