Red Sox, Price agree to 7 Year Deal

Dave PriceThe Boston Globe is reporting that the Red Sox and David Price have agreed to a 7 year deal worth 217 million, which averages out to 31 million per season for you math nerds out there.  The deal is the largest ever for a pitcher.

Price spent a calendar year with the Tigers, going 13-8 with a 2.90 ERA in 32 starts. The Tigers fell out of contention last season and traded Price to the Toronto Blue Jays for three prospects.

Price played a big role in propelling the Blue Jays to their first playoff berth since 1993. He was 9-1 with a 2.30 ERA in 11 starts as Toronto won 40 of its final 58 games and ran away with the American League East title.

In all, Price was 18-5 with a 2.45 ERA last season. He had the lowest ERA in the league and was third with 220 1/3 innings. His 225 strikeouts were the fourth-most in the league.

The move is clearly a pretty significant one for the Red Sox, who may not be done yet.  With Price leading the rotation, the Sox can now follow with Clay Buchholz, Eduardo Rodriguez, Rick Porcello, and finally Wade Miley.

53 thoughts on “Red Sox, Price agree to 7 Year Deal

        • Two years before he was going to be a FA, they gave him 5 more years at $28M per plus a vesting option. He showed signs of decline in 2013, and then proceeded to have his two worst seasons since his rookie year. He’s now 33 and likely to be a mid-rotation starter getting paid $28M/year.


        • He’s not 33 yet, and he’s been injured for the first time — which explains some of his poor showing. He improved at the end of last season, so it isn’t guaranteed that he’s washed up now — despite your pessimism. Anyway, he’s only getting $28M until he’s 35. The BloSox will be paying Price more than that til he’s 37, right? Basically, the Tigers assured V would finish with them — and not when he’s on the other side of 35 (unless he’s still doing well and his option kicks in). I think it looks a lot better than this Price deal.


        • Doing the deal 2 years before they had to was dumb.

          He’ll be 33 before next year starts and will get $28M that year, and when he’s 34, and 35, and 36, with a vesting $22M option when he’s 37.

          Losing velocity and getting hurt is part of aging. He’s not likely to gain any velocity back or to get better at staying healthy from here on out.

          Pitching does horrible things to a body.


        • He won’t vest (and at lower pay) unless he’s a Cy Young contender — that’s performance based. And, if they had waited 2 more years to sign him, the market would’ve gone up and he’d be 32 (not ideal for signing a deal) – plus, you always discount the face of the franchise factor.


        • Hind sight isn’t needed. You don’t sign a guy (especially a pitcher past 30) to a 5 year extension when you have him under contract for 2 more years. In almost every instance, he would have been cheaper if you had waited or you might not want to keep him at all. That deal (along with Cabrera’s) was panned the day it was announced for that very reason…if Verlander was great for 2 more years, you might pay a few more dollars, if he starts to decline…you overpaid by far more.

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        • Ok, he wasn’t past 30 when they signed him. The point of it was to lock him up for the rest of his career — and they did so without buying him too late or after the market for starting pitching had shifted up (which it was on its way to doing — they just were on the front end of it, so it looked worse). But, my point is, if you think the Verlander thing was bad, the Price deal should look worse (and V’s better by comparison).


  1. ….and Paper Lions pulls into the lead in the FA predictions as one of only 2 people to pick him going to Boston.

    Take that well thought out decisions, just wait until the last minute with no prep, close your eyes and hope for the best.


  2. So Price not only gets $30M+ in AAV, he also gets an opt-out in 3 years?

    I’m quite happy the Cubs didn’t try to match/exceed that.


  3. Short term, yes, this fills an immediate Red Sox need, which is pitching. Long term, this is an albatross contract. The aging curve for power pitchers after the age of 32 isn’t pretty. The good news for the Sox is he has shown no signs of aging yet. The bad news is Father Time misses no one.


  4. Well, ‘Burgie, we are now in the same boat as you in TB… we have to face him again instead of having him on our side (and he has always owned the Jays’ hitters).



  5. Well shit, that leaves Greinke left in the FA market and the Yanks decided a few years ago to stay away, so it’s Cueto (bleh) or bust 😦


  6. If the rumors are to be believed, Price was very close to signing with the STL’s.

    Seems very unlike them to make that kind of a move, maybe the injuries to the rotation and the loss to the Cubs in the playoffs is causing a bit of a panic…


    • Yeah, that is a little disappointing….to be honest. Piecing together the reports, the Cardinals likely offered about 7 years $175 total…no idea if there was an opt out or deferred money…they’ve never done an opt out and almost always defer money on big deals.

      Would it have been a potential anchor in a few years? Yeah, would I really care about that today? Hell, no…adding David Price would have been fun, even on a stupid contract that could turn out to only be a bad deal instead of horrible one.

      I’m hopeful that this means they’ll be in on Heyward and possibly one other big dollar FA….though the only pitcher left that is really a reliable ace is Greinke and he seems destined to stay in LA.

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    • To be clear, there is no panic. That’s just, well…silly. What they have is money to spend. Their payroll has barely moved the last decade despite increased revenues from all kinds of sources (ticket prices, parking, concessions, opening ballpark village, money, the $25M/year bump from national TV deals, and now their local deal will more than double in a couple of years.

      They have the money and a team that isn’t particularly old. People, including Cardinal fans, keep referring to the team as having an “old core”, meaning Holliday, Molina, Peralta, and Wainwright….well, those guys collectively did very little to help them win 100 games last year. The Cardinals had more fWAR from players 25 or younger than any other team in the majors. With all of the cheap young talent that just arrived and a deep talent pool in the low minors right now, they have the money to fill holes via FA.


      • The Cardinals had more fWAR from players 25 or younger than any other team in the majors

        While that may be technically accurate*, I don’t think it’s as significant in this particular instance as it would be for another team…mostly because you might not even have Heyward when spring training starts, so the biggest provider of that stat is far from a sure thing to be in the mix in 2016.

        *I only checked that stat against the Cubs, and the Cardinals did indeed squeak it out by half a fWAR, 22.2 for STL and 21.7 for CHC. I blame Arismendy Alcantara and Junior Lake, who managed to rack up a combined -0.7 fWAR in just 94 PA’s…which is actually kinda impressive.


    • Boston reportedly was ready to outbid anybody else. As long as they keep Heyward, and do something somewhere else, somehow, for the mound, not a huge deal.

      Mo is “concerned” about the rotation … not panicking, though.


  7. Part one is done, now sign Greinke, trade for Kershaw, Trout and Harper for two scrubs in rookie ball , trade JBJ for Arrietta, Bryant and Rizzo and we might win the wild card.

    There, NOW it feels like HBT here!

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  8. On a more serious note, I have the feeling this may impede the Astros’ ability to buy up Keuchel’s arbitration and early free agency years. Any talented starting pitcher looking at the deals so far this year (3/$36 for Happ?) had got to have stars in his eyes.


      • Well, per MLBTR, five or six GMs said “no” on Hanley, even if Boston eats half his contract. And, eating much more than that, means its little help getting under the lux tax. John Henry’s gonna have to send a check to Rob Manfred.


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