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For you non-terrorist Christians, the Advent season has begun, and it being December One, I have officially begun listening to Christmas music (which started technically at 12:01 last night with the Mary J. Blige Christmas album — which is AWESOME). In honor of the season, today’s random baseball conversation kicks off with a nod to the most holiday player in MLB history until Feliz Neftaliball became a gift-giving phenomenon bringing hits to happy batters from so many teams. Ahem. Anyway, today, we recognize catcher Steve Christmas.

Christmas is from Florida — oh, the irony (Check me, ‘burgie.) — and he served his college time in Oklahoma, which makes him like the anti-Santa and fits perfectly with the realism of ’70’s dramas. As you can see from his card, he was with the Reds (the “W” must stand for “winter” or something), and as he only played 24 games over three years in the majors, posting negative WAR, he clearly was not making the green. Unfortunately, the year he played on the Reds, Pete Rose was with the Phillies, so we have no pictures of them standing together in the dugout immortalized as “Christmas Rose.” History is all about missed opportunities, y’all.

Speaking of which, what kind of parents with the family name “Christmas” dubs their son “Steve”???  Isn’t it a law he has to be named “Chris” (or Kris? or Khris? or Crys?)? “Jesus” would be funny, but “Steve”? Some people aren’t trying hard enough. And, if his teammates didn’t call him “Catch Christmas,” there is shame to go all around.

Uh, anywhooo, talk about baseball.




40 thoughts on “Random Baseball Conversation

    1. I will probably not be ready for Christmas music until ten years into my next life.

      I’m more of a Christian ironist. Is that close to terrorist?


      1. Haha no. I just find that it’s not the tidings of good cheer and peace it should be. It should be a celebration of love, not what you can give ort get. But I am an idealist.


      2. Careful prof, if you start judging people based on actions instead of their words you are considered a cynic.

        Christmas music is fine….around Christmas. Maybe starting around the 15th or so. A holiday season ceases to be special when it takes up nearly 20% of the calendar year…and when the reason for that is 100% related to consumerism rather than the spirit of the holiday.


      3. Y’all are suckers for buying into that spirit of the season crap in the first place — which was an invention of the late 19th century, BTW. (mostly to sell stuff)


    1. Well, I mean. Duh. Anyone that pays attention to StL knows that he’s not their priority…or even 2nd on the list.

      The rumor mongers (AKA main stream media) has been “overblowing” every possible comment or rumor the last couple of weeks.

      I wouldn’t be shocked at all if the Cardinals go into next year with Brandon Moss as their starting 1B, banking on a healthy offseason returning him to his previous performance levels. Between Moss, Adams, and Piscotty….they already have plenty of options for 1B.

      Yes, Davis would be fun to sign (DINGERS!), but it is really really really not their type of signing.


        1. I don’t think he stays away BECAUSE they are Boras clients….I just think their negotiation strategies don’t mesh. Mo wants things done quickly to ensure he has other options if things don’t work out. Boras likes to slow play so that teams have no other choice trying to create more leverage.

          The only way I could see them signing Davis is if the Cardinals miss out on every other high ticket item and Davis’ market dries up because teams already spent their money or don’t need a 1B…then they may work something out, but it still won’t be a crazy deal because the Cardinals would rather pass up a guy and maintain financial flexibility than to go above what they are comfortable with….you can always (in theory) spend that money later.


        2. Right, on the slow play as much as anything. Mo doesn’t play that game, no matter who the agent is.

          I would say Heyward is their No. 1, right. If that doesn’t work, another OF option. Besides 1B, I sincerely hope that an upgrade from Tony Cruz is in the works. The guy was at the Pete Kozma line this year.


        3. They signed Brayan Pena yesterday to replace Cruz. Not great, but if they platoon him so he only faces RHP, he’ll be considerably better than Cruz.

          If they don’t sign Heyward, I’m not sure they’ll be in on Upton or Cespedes….they could roll with Holliday, Pham, Grichuk, Piscotty, and Jay.

          I would guess that they would like to add a solid veteran pitcher because they are going to need innings and so many of their guys have injury concerns….I doubt they’ll be the high bidder on Price, Greinke, or Cueto…but they could be in on the next tier.


        4. And, as I said this summer, Pena can also play 1B, not just catcher.
          So, I salute this. Hadn’t noticed it. (Monday and Thursday are my newspaper press days, and I don’t catch all news or all sports news until after I’m done.)

          That’s an OK outfield for next year. Not great, but OK.


        5. Yeah, that OF would be okay….but it would be better with Heyward, especially after Holliday is gone.


        6. And, that’s the deal. Especially if Mo is smart and does the $1M buyout on Holliday after this year, the Cards have $17M a year free from 2016 on. So, Heyward would “really” only cost $5M a year or something after next year. Jay could be traded this offseason, too, if Heyward is resigned. For 2017, a Piscotty/Grichuk/Heyward OF, with Pham in reserve, works in my book.


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