Red Sox Sign Chris Young

ChrisYoungIt would appear that the Red Sox and Chris Young have come to an agreement on a multi-year contract today.  The 32 year old outfielder had a decent year last year with the Yankees with a slash line of .252/.320/.453 and 7 home runs.  Most of his production at this point comes against left handed pitching and will likely land in a platoon role in Boston.  Young will likely spend most of his time as a corner outfielder as the Red Sox already have several quality center-field candidates on the roster.  Details on the contract have not been released, however it is believed to be a multi-year deal.  Young made 2.5 mil last season in New York.

ScoutsEdit: It appears to be a two year deal worth 13 mil.

9 thoughts on “Red Sox Sign Chris Young

      1. Socratic….you know that I like you, but Ben Cherington does not represent the Sox any more than I do at this point. I have been waiting for someone else to correct you for weeks, as we have journalistic integrity involved, but fuck it, Ben doesn’t work there anymore..there, I said it..but all of our post writers should have called you out for this before and now I have to be the bad guy!😬

        I come to this site for many reasons…

        1) A place to be in an echo chamber of awesomeness where my opinions are exactly like everyone else and I am the center of attention.

        2) A place to exchange recipes without anyone calling your man card!

        3) A place where they tell you to refresh a Dan Shaunnesy column once in a while so you can be 15% informed on all things Boston centric.

        4) A place where we can tell each other how much we are glad that scouts started this.

        5) Most importantly, a place where you all make me feel like I belong no matter what.

        Sorry to be the bad guy, I do like you though.

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  1. This signing just sets the table for the huge trade that will happen during the Winter Meetings — Betts for Schwarber.

    Cubs get the longterm solution at CF and leadoff hitter they need, and Boston gets their DH (and occasional LF) of the future.


    1. Man, I’m not all that high on Betts, but that deal sounds terrible for the Sox. Trading a quality defensive middle infielder or center fielder for someone you know is just a DH? His bat would have to be awesome to make that deal worthwhile. Especially with how the role of dedicated DH is fast becoming a thing of the past.

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