Jordan Zimmermann to Tigers

zimmermann-red-close-smile-sidebarSome good news for our friend Historio today. Nationals free agent RHP Jordan Zimmermann has a deal pending with the Detroit Tigers. According to Jon Heyman, Zimmermann will be signing a five year, $110 million contract with Detroit.

Per Detroit News sports reporter Chris McCoskey, the deal is still pending. Zimmermann had Tommy John surgery several years ago and had the worst season of his career last year. Still, the 29 year old righty had a 3.66 ERA last season and a career 3.32 ERA.

Because Zimmermann had a qualifying option, the Nationals will receive a draft pick in return for losing a valuable member of their rotation.

27 thoughts on “Jordan Zimmermann to Tigers

  1. No one got this right in their FA predictions.

    Solid signing for the Tigers. Getting him for “only” 5 years is nice. Only issue is durability. The history of TJ guys lasting 10 years after surgery isn’t great…but the sample size remains small.

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    • If it is $110M/5, that’s only $22M per. I think the assumption has always been that Price and Greinke will be knocking on the $30M per door. Baseball is awash in cash with fewer and fewer ways to use it to add talent to an organization.


        • Only reports I’ve seen say “about $110M”…wasn’t sure if you’d seen something moving that number up closer to $120M or not…thus the “if”.

          For Price, it is probably going to come down to years, salary structure and opt out…doubt teams go much above $30M/year…I would guess that $28M/year is the absolute floor for Price or Greinke…but Greinke seems like a guy that would be fine doing a shorter deal still with an opt out to give him the ability to move on if he wants to.


        • I was just wondering on opt-outs. Price turned 30 this past August; would he actually want an opt-out or not? Greinke turned 32 in October; if he did do an opt-out, I think it would be after 2 years, not 3. That’s just my guess. On Price, I don’t think he’d want to go more than 3 years, if he did want an opt-out.


        • I am more curious what this says about the years teams are willing to give pitchers. Most guessed that Zimmerman would get at least 6 years and probably 7.


      • For comparison, Porcello got $20M (making Z look like a deal). Greinke is probably easily $10M better. Verlander is getting $28M and Scherzer is soon due for $35M, so if you didn’t expect the floor to be raised, you’re not paying attention. Price and Greinke will definitely get at least $30M.


  2. Opt-outs are an interesting sidebar in general. How much do baseball player agents eye potential future free agent classes and say something like, “There’s going to be several free agent starting pitchers in two years, but only a couple in three years?”

    In the NBA (complicated by salary caps) that is done.


  3. I kinda thought Zimmerman would get more than this, closer to $25M a year, and probably even 6 years or some options on the back end….so this feels like somewhat of a discount to me. I don’t really think this contract will affect the upper-level guys like Price, Grienke, or even Cueto…but maybe this lowers the cost of lower end guys like Samardzija. There’s been a bunch of talk about him coming back to the Cubs, and using this Zimmermann deal as a benchmark, something like $65M-75M for 4 years wouldn’t be horrible for Shark as a 4th starter. Plus there’s the nice little wrinkle of everyone that was traded for Addison Russell coming back to Wrigley…

    Since everyone who did the little prediction game whiffed on Zimmermann, I’m not going to bother with an official update to the standings at this time. I’ll just include these “results” in the next one. Also, I’m lazy and about half-way through Jessica Jones and I don’t wanna right now.

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