Black Friday Deal

Happy Black Friday! What to get for the baseball fan you hate? How about a Ho-Ho-Hosmer sweatshirt? Also, it’s never too early to pick up something for that ugly Christmas sweater contest — Rockin’ A-Rod the Christmas Tree could fit the bill.  Or, you could buy the Professor a Silent Knight sweatshirt that she would wear not-ironically even though it’s ugly.  See the full selection of hideous apparel here:

As a bonus, some are downright sacrilegious and some are bound to offend conservative family members. Buy that Bringer of Reindeer sweatshirt now, so they don’t run out and you have to settle for Merry Mooosetakis or something. Guess what I’m getting @Indaburg?

31 thoughts on “Black Friday Deal

  1. I’m gonna get you that Miggy Pudding one.

    Also, there’s no way in hell I’m wearing something Matt Harvey related. The merry flipping Christmas one is great, though.

    I think I’d rather be stark naked than wear a Matt Harvey sweater, and no one wants that.


    1. Although I would never buy branded baseball shoes, I did buy a pair of white and blue shoes because they matched my Rays gear. They match other clothes too. I’m practical.

      At the same time, if a woman wants to wear these shoes, I am not going to criticize her. She can show her fandom however she chooses. I would never spend the money on a jersey either, but I’m not going to criticize a man who does.


      1. I’ll tell you one thing, Burgie, the authentic baseball jersey – usually a size or two too large – helps hide a lifetime of overindulgence. that’s why so many guys like them.


    1. I’ve got the floor length hoodie robe that Death wears in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.

      The canned salmon mousse will be on special today. Don’t fall for it.

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  2. I live right down the road from a beeg shopping center, The Falls, here in deepest darkest southwestern Macondo. I drove by a couple of times to check out the Black Friday activity, and things were maybe a little more crowded than usual but otherwise fairly normal: the Beemer Babes and Mercedes Mamas from over Pinecrest way were wearing their Masala chariot hub knee and elbow guards and Rosa Klebb dagger Guccis as they loped across the parking lot but the women from the west side of Useless One are all decked out in Kevlar now so at this point the bristle is mainly for show; the Salvation Army Santas were clanging away in obscurity; there was one lone picket making scare faces at the “Happy Holidays” signs and militating to put the Christ back in Christmas (first one of those buffoons I’ve seen in several years, matter of fack). I fear that online shopping has leached the Argentine soccer riot potential out of Black Friday hereabouts.


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